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Smarten Up Your Entertainment System

Smarten Up Your Entertainment System

It’s that time of year again!! From Playoff Games to the Super Bowl to Awards Season, it’s the best time of the year for watching TV. A lot of people are looking to amp up their home theater systems before game day or their favorite awards show. Nipper Electric is here to help! We offer multiple services to help you upgrade your entertainment system or even install a brand new one. Our entertainment system electrical services include:

  • flatscreen-tv-on-the-brick-wallCoaxial Cable Installations
  • Flat Screen TV Installations
  • Surround Sound Speaker System Wiring
  • Ethernet Installations and Wiring
  • Under Cabinet Lights or Pathway Lighting
  • Home Automation Installations

When it comes to your home entertainment system, if you can dream it, we can do it. Our team of experienced and professional electricians will work with you to wire up your dream entertainment system, just in time for your viewing party.

Winter Is the Best Time for TV!

It’s no coincidence that TV gets more exciting in the winter. Earlier nights and colder weather bring a lot of people inside. Even if you aren’t gearing up for a major Super Bowl blowout or an Oscar party, there’s a lot to watch on TV. So why not enjoy it with the best in technology? To help you create the perfect home theater for your home or office, Nipper Electric has a list of some things to consider as you start your plans.

  • Flat Screen TV Installation- The whole viewing experience, of course, begins with an excellent television. Luckily, there are many options to choose from. Once you’ve made your decision, you might want to consider where and how you want the TV installed.  Proper Flat Screen TV installation is not a DIY job, especially if you are choosing to mount your TV. A professional electrician like Nipper Electric can provide you with a flawless installation. Your TV will appear to float on the wall or inside your entertainment center. Our team will mount the TV in a way that hides unsightly wires and cables, making more room for everything else.
  • Ethernet- There is nothing worse than being in the middle of an exciting scene of a movie and have to stop so your streaming service can buffer. Hooking up your Smart TV or streaming device to a hard-wired Ethernet cable can get rid of those buffering breaks and make your internet run smoother and faster. Why aren’t more people using this method? Usually, your TV or entertainment system is not close to a router. So to use Ethernet, you will need to run wire to the router or use a switch that creates more input options to your router. Professional electrical contractors and electricians will be able to safely and seamlessly run wires from your router to your entertainment system without a cable or wire in sight. The end result is faster, more enjoyable streaming services.
  • Surround Sound System Speaker Wiring-  The cost of movie tickets have gotten pricey, and they only seem to be going up. Once you pay for tickets, snacks and drinks, you could be spending over $50 and that’s just for two people. Imagine having that awesome movie theater experience in your home. It is easy with the proper surround sound installations. Doing a DIY sound system installation can often leave unsightly wires hanging or mess up the quality of sound. Nipper Electric is here to properly install and program your surround sound if needed.
  • Lighting-  The wrong lights can cause distracting glares on the screen, but not enough lighting can create opportunities for messy spills and accidents. The answer is using under cabinet lighting or lighting strips for pathways. These lights are easy to install, inexpensive, and can provide just the right amount of light for your home theater.

Break Out the Popcorn, Bring On the Buffalo Wings! Professional Home Theater Installations Are a Hit!

logo - NipperElectricNo matter what kind of viewing party you’re throwing or what you’ll be watching, your home theater will be a hit with professional installations. Nipper Electric is here to bring your entertainment system to life. So go ahead and get ready for gameday or that season winter premiere, we’ll take care of the rest. Call us today at 757-842-1710 or make an appointment online. We’ll have you relaxing in no time.