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Stay Warm and Save Money

Stay Warm and Save Money

Programmable Thermostats Tips

Temperatures are dropping and heaters are coming on. A great way to battle the cold weather and higher electric costs of winter is installing a programmable thermostat. Nipper Electric provides the Virginia Beach region trusted electrical services. We’ll guide you through choosing, installing and setting up a programmable thermostat. Our team will get your home cozy and energy efficient in no time.

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Cozy Homes, Lower Costs

No one wants their hard earned money floating away. But, that is often what happens with heating and cooling costs. Over 40% of our regular electric costs come from heating and cooling. With severe weather, like Virginia winters, the cost is even greater.

A programmable thermostat is a smart and easy way to begin cutting back on those costs. Programmable thermostats save you money by:


  • Offering hands-off systems for temperature control. A pre-set thermostat is changed less often. Systems need to work harder when the temperature is drastically adjusted several times a day.
  • Set it and forget it technology – Instead of fiddling with the thermostat from day to day and adding costs, you can set it and forget it. Temperature settings can be programmed by the month or even season so your home stays comfortable.
  • Provides different programming options. You can customize when and how your air or heat comes on or goes off each day. You can run it during peak hours and shut it down or off when the house is empty. The possibilities are amazing.
  • Ends running excess air while you are gone. Running heat and air in an empty house eats up extra energy fast, especially in unused spaces. Turning the temperature down, even a few degrees can make all the difference.



  • Lowers the extra power used when you return. Turning the air or heat on full blast when you get home eats up even more energy. A programmable thermostat can gradually warm or cool your home before you return or wake up so the workload of the system is cut down.
  • Preparing your home while you are away or asleep. A programmable thermostat can drastically cut down on both of these costs by using less heat or air while you are gone or asleep.
  • Having accurate temperature readings. Programmable thermostats are more accurate at reading temperature changes than manual thermostats.


Bring on the Savings

Being smart with a programmable thermostat makes all the difference. You can save 1% for every degree over every eight hours.  At the end of the month, that could be a great amount of savings. But to see the savings you have to know how to use your thermostat properly.

Correct use of a programmable thermostat comes down to sticking to routine temperature settings and making smart heating choices:


  • Lower your heat during the day
  • Only heat or cool areas of your home that are being used.
  • Set it and Forget it. Find the right temperature routine and stick with it.
  • Gradually heat or cool your home before you return, don’t crank up the heat or air to make it comfortable.


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Making these small changes could save you money year round. In the Virginia Beach area, now is the perfect time to start enjoying those savings. Before cold weather and snow start making you turn up that heat, call Nipper Electric to get your energy savings started. We also offer many other green options, call us today at 757-842-1710 or simply click to schedule an appointment online.