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Staying Green for Summer

Staying Green for Summer

Professional Electricians Can Help You Save Money and Energy

During summer, a lot of us have said goodbye to our budgets. Pool parties, vacations, trips to the beach and cruises on the boat can all take a toll on our bank account. However, there are plenty of ways you can cut back on your electric bill and even give back to the environment. Some of these tricks may even make you money! Nipper Electric is the trusted Virginia Beach electrician for environmentally friendly energy. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with cutting edge green technology services, like:


  • water splashing on beachElectric Vehicle Charging Station Installations
  • Solar Outdoor Security Lighting
  • Solar Panel Installations
  • LED Light Conversions
  • Programmable Thermostats


Let us help you get your budget back in order and bring more green to your energy use.

Simple Changes Make A Difference

You don’t have to turn your world upside down to be earth friendly and thrifty. A few changes here and there can really make a difference in both the energy you use and the money you spend. Here are some tips to help you tame your budget and keep you environmentally responsible.

  • bright room with sunshineUse Natural Light– During the day, open blinds and curtains to let in natural light. Just do this in the rooms you are actually using, otherwise, you’ll be heating the house instead of cooling it.
  • Cool Down-If you want to cool your house and be kind to the environment and your budget, consider these options:
    • Install a programmable thermostat to adjust air while you are away. These thermostats can be set to cool down at night or as your return home. During the day, while you are away, they can have your air conditioner running at a minimum. Nipper Electric offers many residential services and will assist you in installation and programming.
    • Plant trees outside windows to add shade. Make sure they aren’t too close to the home and won’t interfere with power lines.
    • Close blinds in rooms you aren’t using to cut down on air conditioning. Better yet, invest in some thermal curtains or blinds that will help.
    • Install a ceiling fan in popular rooms. This will help cool your home in the summer and help heat it in the winter.
  • Cut Power Bills and Stay Green– Cutting your energy bill means you’ll use less power which is better for the environment. This is a lot easier than it sounds.
    • First, know the rates of your electrical company. Many power companies have lower rates during certain times of the day. If possible, adjust usage to fit the low rate schedule. For instance, charge devices at night, do laundry and dishes in off hours.
    • Use Dimmers or Timers for lights. Lights with dimmers, timers or sensors can drastically cut down on the amount of energy you use. If you get motion activated lights for your home, even better. You’ll save a lot of time fussing about lights be left on.
    • Use Better Bulbs- CFLs, LEDs, and Halogen lights all work better than traditional incandescent lighting. They give off little to no heat, provide the same amount of light and use less energy. They also last longer. Though the initial costs are more, you will save money from their energy usage, cooler temperatures and replacement timetable.
    • Go Solar! If you don’t currently have solar power, switching is easy and quickly rewarding. Solar power will not only save you money, it could make you money. Occasionally solar panels collect an excess of power. Some power companies will pay cash or energy credits for the extra electricity. Also, there are many financial options, rebates, incentives and tax credits for going solar!

Bring on the Green!

trees growing on coinsNo matter what changes you make, your wallet will see the difference and the environment will have a little more green. Nipper Electric will help you adjust your electrical use to suit your needs. From LED conversions to programmable thermostats or solar panel installations, there really is no green job we can’t handle. Call us today at 757=842-1710 to start saving today. Or make an appointment online while you relax by the beach. We’ll have your home running on green energy in no time!