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Teaching Your Children Electrical Safety

Teaching Your Children Electrical Safety

A package of outlet covers is a standard baby shower gift. Teaching your child electrical safety starts at a very young age – as soon as they become mobile and start to crawl. One of the first safety measures a child is taught is not to put their fingers or other objects in the outlets. Although children are generally curious about what outlets are and what they do, it is important to start informing them about the many dangers of playing with outlets.

Tips to Ensure Your Child’s Safety

  • Outlet Covers – For very small children who are too young to learn why they shouldn’t touch an outlet, it is important to invest in outlet covers. Outlet covers prevent your children from putting their fingers or other objects in the outlet.
  • Store Your Appliances Out of Reach – Kids like to copy the things they see adults do in their life. Therefore, if they see you plug something in, they might try to do it too. To keep your children safe, always lock up any electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Keep Plugs Away From Water Sources – It is never a wise idea to leave anything that has to be plugged in by any sinks, showers, or other water sources. This can include electrical toothbrushes that have to be plugged in, hairdryers, and other bathroom appliances.
  • Dry Off Your Children – In the summer, children may be in and out of the pool or taking more baths after getting dirty outside. It is important to always dry them off after they come out of the water. Wet children can easily get electrocuted if they play with electronics while still wet.

Nipper Electric Cares About Your Children’s Safety

Keeping your children safe around your home is a huge priority for us at Nipper Electric. If you have any questions about your electricity, contact us today.