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Tech Out Your Home

Tech Out Your Home

Professional Electricians Create Smart Home Shortcuts

smart home gadget iconsSmart technology is everywhere. Besides making life easier, smart technology can also save you money and time. Nipper Electric has been the trusted electrician Virginia Beach turns to for over 15 years. Some of the services we offer to tech out your home include:


  • Receptacle Installations with USB ports
  • Carbon Monoxide Smoke Detectors
  • Flat Screen TV Installations
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Dimmer Installations
  • Programmable Thermostat Installations
  • Alarm Installations and Set-Ups
  • Solar Installations
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installations
  • Ceiling Fan Installations
  • Remote Control Lighting Installations


Nipper Electric is proud to service the Norfolk area with green technology needs and the very latest this technology has to offer.

Top Tech for Smart Homes

smartphone controling the home gadgetsThere are apps or smart devices available for practically every part of your home. Some of the major smart technology improvements for homes are available right now.

  • 4K TVs – The newest in television technology are the brilliant and popular 4K Televisions. These TVs display pictures that use around 4 times as many pixels as a high-definition 1080p television. The pictures are sharp and life-like.


  • Smart TVs – Are offering more viewing possibilities with streaming or downloadable content. Nipper Electric is skilled with all flat screen TV installations regardless of which technology you choose.
  • Temperature Control – There are many options for controlling temperatures.
    • Smart programs that adjust temps from your phone remotely.
    • Air conditioners that respond to commands from smartphones or can use GPS to turn on air when you get close to home.
  • Lights, Lights, Lights – Light bulbs, sockets, and dimmers are getting smart.
    • Smart receptacles that control lighting.
    • Light dimmers programmed to slowly dim in the evening for relaxing sleep or slowly brighten in the morning as you wake up.
    • Light Sockets that become wifi hubs controlled remotely.
    • Lights that adjust automatically to situations
  • Smart Security – You can now program your home for safety with apps.
    • Locks can be programmed to recognize family members for easy entry.
    • Your security cameras can now be installed that come with facial recognition, protecting your home even more.
    • Carbon monoxide smoke detectors can now send alerts to you phone and distinguish between smoke or carbon monoxide.

Saving Time and Money with Smart Tech

The best thing about smart tech in your home is the amount of time, money and effort you save when you use them properly.  Most appliances in your home can be controlled remotely with a simple touch. You save:


  • dollar billsTime -You never have to run back to turn something off or lower the thermostat.
  • The Planet – Your energy usage automatically goes down with these installations. The smarter you use them the more you help the planet
  • Your Money – Lower energy usage creates lower bills. In the case of solar, some power companies will pay you for the excess power you produce. There are also amazing rebates to cash in on when you use green technology.


Smart Technology Needs Smart Installations

Nipper Electric loves working with new technology, especially green and smart technology. We work hard to stay on top of new developments and bring them to our clients. When you come to us, you know you will get the best results in smart wiring. Call us today at 757-842-1710 for all your smart wiring needs. Or make an appointment online. We can’t wait to get you hooked up to the a lifetime of smart technology.