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The Best Nighttime Lights for Light Sensitivity

The Best Nighttime Lights for Light Sensitivity

If you experience light sensitivity, you are well aware of its symptoms: uncontrollable blinking, squinting, excessive tearing, a burning sensation, headaches, and nausea. When light sensitivity is triggered, it can not only affect your work productivity and job performance but your ability to enjoy your favorite activities, like reading, gaming, or scrolling through your favorite social media site.

How to Choose the Right Bulb For Your Home

While natural light is always the best option, it is not always readily available. Choosing the right bulb for your home or workplace may make a huge difference in your ability to get through your day without experiencing symptoms of light sensitivity.

Below are some of the best and worst bulb options for light sensitivity.

  • Fluorescent bulbs: Although inexpensive and efficient, these bulbs radiate a harsh blue light and have an invisible flicker. These bulbs are best to avoid if you have light sensitivity.
  • LEDs: These bulbs are more efficient than compact fluorescent bulbs and are becoming a cheaper option. When choosing this bulb, pay attention to color temperature and avoid cool white or daylight bulbs which produce the most blue light. Instead, choose a warm white option.
  • Halogen bulbs: These bulbs are not very efficient but they do emit less blue light than other standard bulbs. They can be very bright, which may be uncomfortable for someone with light sensitivity. Choose a lower wattage or lumen if opting for this type of bulb.
  • Incandescent bulbs: In a soft white or warm white temperature, these may be the easiest bulbs on your eyes. While incandescent bulbs used to be the standard way to light homes, they may be harder to find due to modern energy standards. These bulbs won’t give off as much of the harsh blue wavelengths that may bring on the symptoms of light sensitivity.

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