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The Importance of Surge Protectors

The Importance of Surge Protectors

Surge Protector

Few products are as important and could save you as much money as surge protectors. In brief, surge protectors are important devices that help to protect your devices from the effects of power surges. These surges have serious destructive capabilities and can easily render any unprotected devices useless. 

Doesn’t My Power Strip Already Protect My Devices? 

Probably not. Power strips on their own are not much more than an extension of your wall outlet. They don’t offer any additional protection unless they specifically state that they also have surge protection features, so be careful to look for that information on any power strips that you already own. It’s common for people to confuse the two, so knowing the difference and ensuring that you do have protection can make all the difference.

What Can Cause Power Surges? 

There are a range of different events that can cause power surges, some of which are:

  • Lightning
  • Defective electrical wiring
  • Downed power lines
  • Restoration of power after an outage or blackout

Power surges are notoriously hard to predict and can happen at any moment, so it’s a good idea to proactively have ongoing protection for your electronic devices. You likely won’t be able to reach your devices in time to unplug them, even if you are lucky enough to get a warning about an incoming power surge. 

Speak With a Professional

Surge protectors are important pieces of protective hardware that are highly recommended for you to own. It isn’t worth the risk of not owning them to protect your electronic devices, especially if you live in an area that is susceptible to natural disasters or severe weather events. The expertly trained and experienced electricians at Nipper Electric can help you understand your needs and install any and all surge protectors that you could want. Contact us today for a free quote.