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The Most Common Generator Repairs

The Most Common Generator Repairs

Like any device within our homes, it’s possible for generators to break or become damaged. Oftentimes, a standby generator will be used in challenging conditions or environments. It’s possible for this to cause malfunctions or start diminishing the generator’s capacity. 

As soon as you encounter a generator failure, reach out to the professionals at Nipper Electric for repairs or replacement. 

Common Reasons for Standby Generator Repairs

Generator failures come in a variety of forms – here are some of the most common.

A Leaky Coolant System

It’s possible for coolant to begin leaking within a generator. This can lead to reservoir levels plummeting below the acceptable limit. Ultimately, this issue will cause the generator’s heat sensors to turn the unit off. 

The reason for a coolant leak can vary, but some possibilities include cracked cylinder heads, leaky engine cylinder gaskets, or defective sleeves. 

Damaged or Faulty Wiring

Wiring can start to fray or corrode — over time, it can even be cut or severed. If you’re dealing with malfunctioning gauges, low voltage warnings, or tripped breakers, this could point to serious wiring issues. Damaged or faulty wiring can be dangerous, so make sure to seek out repair or replacement services right away. 

Bad Belts

Even with regular generator usage, it’s possible for belts to wear out. It’s also possible for belts to break down due to age, regardless of usage. If your generator’s belts are dry, worn, or cracked, try replacing them before they have the chance to break. 

Fuel Failures

Much of the time, a fuel failure will occur due to contamination within the generator’s fuel tank. Bacteria, sediments, and algae can find their way into the system, leading to fuel line blockages and diminishing performance. 

Standby Generator Repair, Replacement, & Maintenance by Nipper Electric

Nipper Electric repairs, replaces, and helps to maintain generator systems in the Virginia Beach, VA area. To get started on your project, contact our team online.