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The Top Reasons to Install an Automated Lighting System for Your Business

The Top Reasons to Install an Automated Lighting System for Your Business

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Commercial lighting control systems are one of the best ways to improve security and save on electricity costs at your business. When you upgrade your building to one of these computerized systems, you save money by lowering your operation costs and your utility bills. Lighting control systems can be installed in existing buildings or new construction, and don’t involve any major renovations or changes to your infrastructure. If you have been considering one of these systems, now is the time to invest in your automated lighting control network. Take a look at some of the benefits of these systems.

  • If your building is used by workers who need to adjust their hours to accommodate an unconventional schedule, they can use override technology to suit their lighting needs. Features of these systems allow workers to control lighting and HVAC through their smartphone or mobile device.
  • Off-site control. One of the greatest benefits of an automated lighting system is that you can control the lighting in your building from virtually anywhere in the world through your laptop, smartphone, or mobile device.
  • Lighting control systems allow you to set motion detector features to register movement from possible intruders and link intrusions to alarm systems, cameras, and floodlighting.
  • Energy savings. The lighting in your commercial building can account for as much as thirty percent of your electrical utility costs. Automated systems allow you to save by keeping the lights and cooling systems turned off in areas where they are unnecessary when no workers are present.
  • Save on operating costs. When you rely on workers to turn off lights when they are not needed, you run the risk of paying for unnecessary costs due to human error or neglect. Automated systems can control your lighting for you and allow you to reap the benefits of lower operating costs.

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