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Top Electrical DIY Dangers

Top Electrical DIY Dangers

yellow hard head man - Nipper ElectricMany people love to do DIY projects around the house. While doing it yourself can be a great hobby, electrical projects come with many dangers. Nipper Electric offer a wide range of commercial and residential services to keep you from worrying about these dangers. We are dedicated to keeping you safe, so we’ve compiled a list of the biggest electrical DIY dangers.

Top Dangers in Electrical DIY Projects

  • Wrong Wires– Using the wrong wire for a project can really cause problems. If the wire gauge is too small for the electrical flow, the wire can become overheated. Overheated wires can cause:

    • Melted Insulation
    • Sparking
    • Exposed Wires
    • House Fires


  • Junction Box Mistakes–  One of the most common mistakes that electricians find are floating or hidden junction boxes. Junction boxes must be properly supported to prevent sparking. If you have a junction box that is floating, it can create an opportunity for wires to rub against each other. Rubbing wires cause sparks, sparks cause fires. Hidden junction boxes occur often when people cover up the boxes during remodeling or renovation projects, then you have a junction box that isn’t accessible.
  • nipper elcectric work on outside meter panelElectrical Tape and More Electrical Tape– There is no doubt that electrical tape can come in handy. However, there are a lot of instances where electrical is used improperly or over-used. When you have electrical tape holding together twisted wires, you run the hazard of creating loose connections. These loose connections can lead to overheating. Electrical tape is not a substitute for proper wiring, so be sure you have a professional electrician check your wiring for you.
  • Inspection and Codes– Professional electricians make it their business to know the latest codes and understand inspection requirements. Often, electricians find DIY projects that don’t follow electrical code. When the owner goes to put a house on the market, they’ll find that they are in for a lot more work before it can pass inspection.
  • Missing GFCI Outlets– Any area near water needs a GFI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter receptacle or outlet. These outlets are able to stop a nasty shock before they begin by sensing a change in the level of electricity flowing through the outlet. The GFCI outlet quickly shuts down the circuit, usually in less than 1/10th of a second.  A lot of do it yourselfers don’t think to put in a GFCI outlet outside, near sinks, or near windows, where frost can melt and create dangerous situations. Nipper Electric offers a variety of receptacle installations that will meet your needs.
  • Lost Time and Money– This isn’t a danger, but it is an issue that comes up time and time again. Many ambitious DIY projects end up with an electrician repairing damage or finishing the project. Homeowners start the project then get too mixed up or busy to finish it. Even worse, they improperly install something and the project needs to be repaired in order to be safe. In the end, people find that they would have spent less time, had less stress, and saved a lot more money.

When It Comes to Electrical Projects, Stay Safe with Professional Help

Electrical projects of any size are often best left to the professionals. Besides the obvious damage and dangers improper wiring can bring to your home, the entire electrical process requires a skilled and experienced hand. Leave your electrical projects to your trusted Virginia Beach electrician at Nipper Electric.  We will work with you to provide clear-cut pricing and a finished project you can trust. Call us today at 757-842-1710 with your latest project ideas. You can also make an appointment online in the comfort of your home. We can handle any job, big or small.