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Update Your Home With New Interior Lighting This Winter

Update Your Home With New Interior Lighting This Winter

Many people look at spring, summer, and fall as the times to have construction projects done at their home, but there are interior projects you can get done over the winter to give your home a more modern look. The added bonus of hiring contractors over the winter months is that their schedules often allow more flexibility and faster completion times. You may even save money if your contractor is offering winter deals. Consider these popular lighting trends if you want to update your home this winter.

  • Smart lighting. You may have seen this popular new trend in restaurants and other public spaces, but it is becoming increasingly popular for in-home use. Smart lighting systems allow you to control many aspects of your interior lighting. From setting the mood and tone of the lights to setting them on timers to come on when you are away, the possibilities are endless. You can also connect your smart lighting to systems like Alexa and to your GPS so that your lights automatically come on when you are close to home.
  • Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern Fixtures. If you truly want to give your home a modern look, these stylish fixtures are styled after designs from the 1920s through the 1970s. The designs create a unique look and often feature interesting geometric shapes and sharp lines. These styles were difficult to find for years, outside of purchasing original period pieces, but there are many options on the market today.
  • Soft gold finish. One of the most popular looks for the modern home is soft gold, or greige (grey + beige). It is a warm, mellow finish that can be used in coordination with nearly any interior design style.

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