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What Are Electrical Subpanels

What Are Electrical Subpanels

Many homeowners are familiar with electrical panels and what they do for their residence. Maybe this is because of a tripped breaker or power outage that you’ve experienced in the past. 

The main circuit breaker box is at the center of your home’s electrical system. This is also referred to as the main service panel. Thanks to the main service panel, power is able to reach your house through the meter. Then, power can be distributed to different branch circuits throughout the home. 

How Does a Subpanel Differ From the Main Service Panel?

Every home has a main service panel. However, this is different from an electrical subpanel. Subpanels are smaller, and they’re used to distribute power to particular areas of the property. In essence, electrical sub panels are satellite circuit breaker panels that have their own breakers. 

At the main service panel, you’ll find a double pole 240-volt breaker that feeds the subpanel. At the subpanel, the aforementioned single-feed circuit can be divided into various branch circuits. 

The Perks of Electrical Sub panels

When subpanels are incorporated into a home’s electrical system, the homeowner will receive three primary benefits: convenience, space, and efficiency. 

With electrical sub paneling, it’s possible for the circuits to be controlled at a far more convenient location – there’s no longer any need to return to the main service panel, which is sometimes far away. 

For instance, if you experience tripped circuit breakers in your garage, they’ll be easier to reset if you can do so through a subpanel within the garage. You won’t need to go all the way to the main service panel. 

By installing electrical subpanels, you can even save time and construction costs. You won’t need to keep running back to the main service panel, and you’ll also be spending less on labor and materials. 

Electrical Subpanel Repairs and Installation With Nipper Electric

The electricians at Nipper Electric provide sub panel installation and repairs to the Virginia Beach region. To get started, simply contact us through our website.