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Why Your Light Is Flickering

Why Your Light Is Flickering

Flickering lights are not just annoying and distracting. Depending on why the flickering is occurring, they can also be potentially dangerous. Here are some common reasons why your light may be flickering.

Light Bulb Problems

Your light bulb could be the source of its flickering. In this case, fixing the bulb will stop the flickering from recurring, making this the easiest and least dangerous of all the reasons.

If the bulb isn’t screwed in correctly or is sitting loosely in the socket, it’s not getting a consistent flow of power. This can be resolved by turning off the light and gently tightening it.

At other times, it’s the type of bulb that matters. For example, a fluorescent bulb may flicker when the room is cold. This is usually harmless, but it might be a bit annoying. To remedy this, you can switch to a different type of light.

Wiring Problems

It may be the wiring itself that’s causing the issue. This case is more dangerous and might require an electrician’s help to fix it.

The wiring for the light or switch may be loose or faulty, which doesn’t just cause a flickering effect. It could also pose a fire hazard.

Alternatively, the wiring could be outdated and old, failing because of time, or because the new lights need a different sort of wiring.

Circuit Overload

If you notice your light flickering when you turn on a large appliance, the issue is that the amount of power overloads the circuit, creating the flickering. While this can be safely ignored if it only happens once or twice, if it happens consistently, it’s time to call an electrician for help.

Let Us Help You Fix the Problem

While some flickering problems can be resolved easily without electrical knowledge, others are more complicated and require an electrician’s help. Contact Nipper Electric today to get the problem assessed and resolved.