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Chandelier Installations

Finding the Perfect Chandelier for Your Home

Chandeliers are popping up everywhere as a convenient and beautiful alternative to traditional lighting. Nipper Electric has all your chandelier lighting and electrical wiring needs covered. It is important to note that we do not use scaffolding and have a special order ladders that we use on twenty foot plus ceiling installations such as foyers, great rooms or any other high areas. 

Before you begin chandelier shopping, here’s what to look for:


All chandeliers fall under the pendant lighting category. Basic styles come in these forms:

  • Tiered – Lighting is layered with groupings of lights in tiers
  • Shaded – Bulbs have shades over them
  • Reversible- lighting shades can be reversed to shine light up or down
  • Beaded – These include the crystal chandeliers, where beading is used to decorate the lighting fixture and often dangle below
  • Candelabra – uses candle-like lighting fixtures to recreate old candle lighting

Using unusual materials like driftwood, pressed metals, beads, sea glass or even antlers can create the perfect chandelier for any room and the possibilities are incredible.


Chandeliers come in sizes between 17 inches and 40 inches. Matching the right chandelier to the right room can be confusing. A trusted electrician like the Nipper Electric team can help you find the right size and weight, so you don’t overwhelm your room or choose a fixture that’s too small. It’s best to stick to these professional rules

  • Single chandelier in a room – First measure the width and length of the room. Change the sum to inches and you will have the perfect chandelier size for the room.
    • Width in feet + Length in feet = Chandelier size in inches
      A room that is 10 feet x 13 feet will use a 23-inch chandelier.
  • Single chandelier over a dining table or accent piece – measure the piece you want to hang the light over and divide it by two. The result is the size you should use for the chandelier.
    • Length of the table or piece in inches ÷ 2 = Chandelier Size
      A table that is 40 inches long would use a 20-inch chandelier.
  • Multiple chandeliers in a space – Divide the diameter of the room or the table you are using by the number of chandeliers and add one.
    • Width x Length of table ÷ number of Chandeliers + 1=Chandelier Size.
      To use three chandeliers over a 42-inch table, you would use three 15-inch chandeliers.


Another important thing to consider before you pick your perfect chandelier style is how high it should hang:

  • For most rooms, hang chandelier at least 7 feet off the floor.
  • Over dining table- Leave at least 30 inches between the bottom of the chandelier and the top of the table.
  • Entryways or high ceilings – the 7 feet rule still works, but for these areas you can hang larger chandeliers higher.

Weight Load

Probably the most important thing to consider is the weight load a chandelier creates for support beams. Most standard electrical boxes can hold a maximum load of 50 pounds, but not all chandeliers fit under that weight limit.

Stick With Professionals

Besides the weight load, electrical load and correctly hanging a chandelier can be difficult. It is always best to call in the professionals for electrical wiring jobs, especially ones as expensive and difficult as chandelier wiring and hanging can be.

Nipper Electric treats your home or business like it was our own.  Call us today at 757-842-1710 or schedule an appointment online to get started on your own unique chandelier. If you can dream it, we can install it.

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