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Aluminum Wiring & Repair

Aluminum Wiring Electricians in Chesapeake

Electrical wiring technology has advanced significantly over the last several decades, and it’s vital to ensure the wiring inside your home is up to date with the latest electrical code changes in your area. Nipper Electric in Chesapeake can inspect your home’s wiring and identify outdated wires that may pose a danger to you and your loved ones.

One of the most common wiring problems in the Chesapeake area is the presence of aluminum wiring. This type of wiring was the standard in the 1960s and 1970s during a time when the price of copper wire was highly inflated. While aluminum seemed to be a suitable, affordable alternative at the time, electricians today know that this is not the case.

Dangers of Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum is a versatile substance that suits many applications, but it is not a safe choice when it comes to the wiring inside your home. Aluminum wiring is only moderately conductive for electricity compared to the high conductivity of copper wire. Aluminum wires are also arranged using higher gauges or wire thicknesses. Aluminum is also less physically robust than copper wire, making it more prone to damage and breakages during installation.

Aluminum wires also tend to shift over time, and they are more vulnerable to temperature changes. The Chesapeake area has a variable climate throughout the average year, and aluminum wiring can cause problems around changes in the seasons. If aluminum wire becomes rusted, electricity will need to work much harder to travel through the rusted wire and will become hot, increasing the risk of electrical fire.

Choose Nipper Electric for Rewiring in Chesapeake

If you have purchased an older residential or commercial property in the Chesapeake area, it is essential to have a professional inspect your wiring so you know what safety hazards you face and what you can do about them. The team at Nipper Electric in Chesapeake is experienced with working on older properties, and we have successfully handled aluminum wiring removals and replacements throughout the area over the years.

We can inspect your electrical system and ensure it complies with the most recent changes to the electrical codes for Chesapeake and operates as safely as possible for as long as possible. Aluminum wiring cannot be left inside any structure that sees regular use; any aluminum wiring you find in your property needs to be removed and replaced by a professional immediately.

If you are concerned about aluminum wiring in your residential or commercial property in the Chesapeake area, the Nipper Electric team can handle inspection, removal, and replacement. Our team is detail-oriented and focused on safety during every job, so you can expect your Nipper Electric electrician to suggest meaningful changes and upgrades to your electrical system to ensure the highest level of safety. Call us in Chesapeake today at (757) 296-7594 to schedule an aluminum wire removal appointment with Nipper Electric.

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