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Commercial Electrician Services

Businesses and professional workspaces are in constant need of electrical servicing. The environment must be well lit, but comfortable to satisfy the customer and keep employees productive. Nipper Electric is committed to keeping your business running smoothly, following code, and helping cut costs with:

  • Service Repairs
  • Maintaining Equipment
  • Installing Lights
  • Fitting Lighting Ballasts
  • Installing Commercial Generators
  • Wiring Dedicated Circuits

Service Repairs
Nipper Electric specializes in a large variety of electrical work and repairs, including:

  • Electrical and Technical Troubleshooting – Flickering lights or high energy bills may be serious indicators.
  • Maintain Equipment – Worn or unserviced equipment wastes energy and budgets.
  • Check Dedicated Circuits – Large appliances and devices need dedicated circuits.
  • Upgrade Panels to Code – Panels need to meet a certain power level for different buildings and demands.

Following Code
The NFPA, or National Fire Prevention Association, regulates electrical work across the United States. Federal codes, like NFPA 70E, are relevant to almost every business. Nipper Electric is up to date with all codes. Our Electrical team based in Virginia Beach will help you meet code requirements with:

  • Dedicated Circuit Wiring
  • Retrofit Work
  • Panel Upgrades Brought Up-to-date
  • Establishing Code Guidelines

Commercial Electric Savings
One of the easiest ways to cut down business costs is to manage energy consumption. Nipper Electric’s experienced electricians can measure energy use and help reduce it. Lights and climate control make up almost 75% of all electric costs. Even cutting just 30% of those costs, your company could potentially save thousands of dollars a year. It’s even possible to qualify for some of Virginia’s energy-efficient incentives. Nipper Electric can help through:

  • Lighting Upgrades – Improve lighting by retrofitting current lighting and/or installing low energy light bulbs.
  • Computerized Lighting or Computerized Heating and Cooling – Use a lighting system or climate control system that can be programmed to save energy by performing most during peak hours.
  • Occupancy Sensors – Install a system that activates when people are in the building and deactivates when they are not.
  • Managing Plug Loads – Install equipment to manage plug loads that aren’t run by computers and to monitor which machines drain the most energy during non-use.
  • Outdoor Lighting Sensors – Use timed exterior lights or exterior lights with sensors.
  • Regular Maintenance – Save money by ensuring your equipment runs smooth and lasts longer.

Overall, Nipper Electric is the solution for any commercial electric problems. Our staff consists of skilled commercial electricians with a passion for doing the job right and helping you cut costs.

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