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Commercial Solar Installation Chesapeake

Deciding on whether you should install a solar energy system at your Chesapeake commercial location should be easy, as it will help save you money. In recent years, many businesses have realized that solar panels are one of the best ways to cut their electric costs. Regardless of your operation’s size, you will be glad that you chose to produce electricity with solar panels.

What Are the Installation Options for Solar Panels?

The versatility of installation options is one of the best attributes of solar panels for commercial businesses. Some businesses can’t install the panels on their roof for various reasons, and they assume that is their only choice. Other possibilities, however, include placing the panels on the ground or making improvements to the parking lot.

  • Rooftop solar panels. Placing solar panels on top of a building’s roof is the traditional means of installation on homes and businesses. The great thing about modern solar panel design is that it has a low-profile look that doesn’t draw attention.
  • Ground-mounting. If you are unable to install solar panels on your business roof because of its size or for architectural reasons, you can mount the panels right on the ground on your commercial property. Other benefits of ground-mount installation include easy access for maintenance and versatility in choosing the most efficient location. This is an option that works well for businesses that have a lot of land around their building.
  • Parking lot upgrade. Another solution to solar panel installation when you can’t use your rooftop is to upgrade your parking area by constructing a carport and installing the solar panels on that roof. The benefits of this option are two-fold, as you get a great place for your solar energy system and your employees and clients benefit from a parking lot that is covered from the weather elements and harsh sunlight.

What Are the Top Reasons to Get Solar Panels at Your Business?

There are many reasons that businesses have been impressed with advances in solar energy systems in recent years. The two-top revenue-increasing reasons are as follows.

  • Savings on Electric Utilities

The most popular reason to get solar panels installed for both residential and commercial use is the money you save on electricity each month. Electric utilities are one of the costliest expenses, but when you install solar panels and begin producing your own electricity, they quickly pay for themselves.

  • Green Energy Incentives

Green energy is the wave of the future, and installing solar panels may allow you to receive government grants. On top of that, the federal government offers tax credits that cover the cost of 26% of your solar panel installation. State incentives vary, but many offer tax credits and incentives that may pay for an additional 15%-20% of your initial investment.

Every business owner wants to save money on their overhead, and electricity is a big part of those expenses. If you would like to see electricity savings at your Chesapeake business, you should look into solar energy systems. Contact Nipper Electric today to find out how we can help you save with solar panels.

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