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Generator Maintenance

Generator Maintenance

A generator can offer peace of mind during uncertain times for your home or business. When your property loses power from the local grid, or if there is a power surge or other interruption that knocks out the power in your area, a generator would allow you to continue using electricity safely until the local grid power is restored. Investing in a generator is a great choice for most Chesapeake area property owners, but it’s vital to maintain them properly, so they are ready and able to function when you need them.

Nipper Electric in Chesapeake is proud to offer professional generator maintenance. We are not only the area’s Generac Select authorized dealer, but also have extensive experience installing, repairing, and maintaining generator systems from other leading manufacturers. If you have a generator installed in your home or business in Chesapeake, our team will arrange a maintenance schedule that ensures your generator remains safe and functional when you need it most.

Why Is Generator Maintenance Important?

The generator you have installed on your property will spend a lot of time in a standby state. Generators offer peace of mind in case of emergency, so your generator will only switch on when it senses an interruption in your power supply from the local grid. Generator maintenance is crucial to ensure your generator is always ready to activate and function efficiently when you need it to.

Generator systems over time will require several types of maintenance:

  • Fueling: Our team can ensure your generator’s fuel lines and fuel supply are functioning correctly. We can also remove trapped air from generator fuel lines.
  • Coolant: We can ensure your coolant is at an appropriate level and that it is performing as it should.
  • Block Heater Service: The block heater unit inside of your generator may require repair or replacement over time.
  • Batteries: We will check to ensure your batteries have acceptable charge and are adequately protected from the elements.
  • Wet stacking: When your generator remains in standby mode for a long time, the fluids and fuel inside can create residue deposits inside the generator’s systems. We can flush wet stacked generators to ensure they switch on correctly when needed.

Nipper Electric is Your Chesapeake Generator Expert

Nipper Electric is proud to offer a wide range of generator maintenance services for residential and commercial generator systems in the Chesapeake area. When you choose Nipper Electric in Chesapeake to handle maintenance on your generator system, you can rest assured our team will explain every feature of your generator and provide useful tips for more effective regular maintenance. We can also recommend upgrades and additional electrical work that could improve the energy efficiency of your home or business. Call us today at (757) 296-7594 to schedule generator maintenance with the Nipper Electric team in Chesapeake.

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