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Surge Protectors

Surge Protectors

Have you ever experienced a power surge in your home? If lightning strikes your property or even close to your property in some cases, the resulting electrical surge could knock out the power in your home and even damage some of your electronics if they were in use at the time the surge occurred.

Why You Should Choose Nipper Electric for Surge Protection

Nipper Electric in Chesapeake can help you configure a surge protection system for your home or business. If you are worried about damage to your appliances and other electronics from a power surge, it’s wise to have a professional electrician review your surge protection options for your property.

Every electrician at Nipper Electric is fully trained on surge protection installation. You can expect your Nipper Electric team member to explain every phase of the installation process so you can better understand how your surge protection system works.

Why You Need Surge Protection

Unfortunately, it’s almost always impossible to repair an electronic device damaged by a power surge, so a power surge can be a significantly costly experience for you and your property. While most people are familiar with surge protectors, they often conflate them with power strips that allow several small electronics to draw power from the same outlet at the same time. Consumer-grade surge protectors can offer this same functionality while also protecting connected devices from power surge damage. However, most consumer-grade surge protectors offer limited protection at best and require replacement after experiencing a surge.

There is an alternative to these consumer-grade devices. The team at Nipper Electric in Chesapeake can install a surge protection system in your property that can protect your whole home from a power surge. Installing this protection could potentially save you thousands of dollars you would have otherwise spent repairing and replacing your devices damaged by a power surge.

Choose Whole-House Surge Protection from Nipper Electric

While consumer-grade surge protections can be effective at protecting entertainment centers, computer setups, and charging stations from power surges, a whole-house surge protector installed by Nipper Electric in Chesapeake offers much more robust protection. You won’t need to replace it after a power surge, either. The surge protection systems we install are strong enough to withstand several severe power surges over the course of many years. Your investment in a whole-house surge protector could amount to reliable protection for many storm seasons to come.

Contact Nipper Electric in Chesapeake today at (757) 296-7594 if you would like our team to install a whole-home surge protector in your residential property or a specialized surge protection system for your commercial property.

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