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Tamper Resistant Outlets

Childproof (Tamper Resistant) Outlets

Parents all throughout the Virginia Beach area have lots to worry about on any given day. It’s every parent’s job to keep their children safe, and this includes many types of protections throughout a home. Until children are old enough to know the difference between safe and hazardous things throughout a household, it’s vital to provide them with guidance and install safety devices so they do not unintentionally harm themselves.

Electrical devices can be dangerous to anyone, but they can be especially hazardous to small children. If you have kids in your house, you should take as many steps as you can to protect them from electrical shocks, and sometimes this means installing childproof electrical outlets.

What Is a Childproof Outlet?

Everyone has probably seen the small plastic outlet plug covers you can purchase for a few dollars at most home improvement stores. These small outlet covers may work well in some houses and prevent very small children from sticking their fingers or other things into outlets, but they come with some significant drawbacks. First of all, most toddlers will figure out how to remove them eventually. These covers are also small and easy to lose, so it is not uncommon for people to remove them and then forget to replace them afterward.

The reality is that most of the conventional outlet protection devices you’d find in a store may only provide a limited degree of protection. These devices can easily fail to prevent persistent children from accessing electrical outlets. Instead of relying solely on these small bits of plastic to keep your kids safer around electrical outlets, consider having childproof outlets installed.

These specialized electrical outlets feature additional components that make it much harder for children to tamper with them. These outlets come in various styles. Some feature pressure-activated switches that require grasping the switches in a specific way for the outlet holes to open. Others have spring-loaded sliding plates over the switch faces that revert back to closed positions when a device is unplugged. It’s also possible to install locking covers over outlets for devices that must remain plugged in all the time.

Why You Should Have Nipper Electric Install Your Childproof Outlets

When you need to hire an electrical contractor to do work on your home, especially work as important as installing childproof outlet covers, you shouldn’t trust just any electrician with this type of job. Nipper Electric has more than 25+ years of professional experience in the Virginia Beach area. Our team has handled all types of electrical outlet installation jobs for local families, including those with small children. We want to help you keep your home as safe as possible for your children, and childproof, tamperproof outlets can help.

Every time we do a job for a customer, our team members take time to answer all of their questions to help them understand our work in the greatest detail possible. Every electrician on the Nipper Electric team is fully licensed, professionally insured, and highly experienced. When you need childproof outlets installed in your Virginia Beach home, you should choose the best electrical contracting team in the area by calling Nipper Electric.

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