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Commercial & Industrial Electricians

Businesses come with a long list of commercial electrical problems and requirements. The environment must be well lit, but comfortable. Companies want to bring in clients and keep workers productive. NIPPER ELECTRIC can keep your business running smoothly, follow code and give you tips on cutting costs with:

The main issues businesses come across deal with repair work, following code and cutting costs. Here’s how we can help.

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Service Repairs

If you experience electrical problems, Nipper Electric can help you solve them. We perform many different types of electrical work and service repairs including:

  • Electrical and Technical Troubleshooting – Flickering lights or higher energy bills can signify other problems. We find the source of the issue and fix it quickly.
  • Maintain Equipment- Worn or not serviced equipment is a big drain on energy. We run regular service checks and keep your equipment in top shape.
  • Check Dedicated Circuits – Big appliances need dedicated circuits. We match dedicated circuits to fit new demand.
  • Upgrade Panels to Code – Panels need to meet a certain power level for different buildings and demands. We find the perfect panel to match your need and/or perform repairs.


Following Code

The NFPA, or National Fire Prevention Association, provides codes for electrical work across the United States. NFPA codes like NFPA 70E  are used often. Nipper Electric is up to date on all codes. Our Virginia Beach area Electrical team will help you with code issues like:

  • Dedicated Circuit Wiring
  • Retrofit Work
  • Panel Upgrades Brought Up-to-date
  • Put in Place Code Guidelines

Commercial Electric Savings

Your company’s costs can be cut in many ways. The team of Nipper Electric’s experienced electricians can measure energy use. Knowing your energy usage is the first step to cutting overhead costs. You might even qualify for some Virginia electrical energy efficient incentives.

Most electrical energy is consumed while running routine office equipment. Lights and climate control make up almost 75% of all electric costs. Even cutting just 30% of those costs, your company could potentially save thousands of dollars a year.

Besides the regular use of lights and a comfortable climate, offices often use computer equipment. Computers and other office equipment account for 20% of power usage in businesses. Electricians can help cut these costs as well as cutting outside lighting costs.

For the safety of your staff and clients, outdoor lighting is vital. Lighting up entrances, exits and parking lots creates a sense of safety and deters criminals. These lights also invite consumers into your business, at all hours. However, if you have outside lights on around the clock or are using energy burning bulbs, your bill will be hefty.

So how can you cut commercial electric costs? Simple, schedule an appointment with Nipper Electric and we will:

  • Perform Lighting Upgrades – We improve your company’s lighting by retrofitting current lighting and/or installing low energy light bulbs.
  • Install Computerized Lighting and/or Computerized Heating and Cooling – We can give you a lighting system or climate control system that can be programmed to save energy by performing most during peak hours.
  • Install Occupancy Sensors – We can give you a system that senses when people are in the building and when they are not. Power will turn off when not needed.
  • Help Manage Plug Loads – We can install equipment to manage plug loads not run by computers. We can also see which machines drain the most energy during non-use so to help lower costs.
  • Install Outdoor Lighting Sensors – We can supply you with timed exterior lights or exterior lights with sensors. We are skilled in many landscape lighting
  • Perform Regular Maintenance – Our regular maintenance work will save you money by making your equipment run more smoothly and last longer.

Overall, NIPPER ELECTRIC.COM is the place to visit for any commercial electric problems. Our staff are skilled commercial electricians with a passion for getting the job done right and helping you cut costs. Contact us today at  for an appointment at 757-842-1710.