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Electric Car Chargers

Electric Car Chargers

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (ESVE), more commonly known as electric car charging stations, come in different varieties but are all designed to help you protect the environment as well as keep you in control of your budget.

Charging stations come in both mobile versions as well as permanent installations. While almost every electric car comes with their own standard charger, adding a permanent installation to your home reduces the hassle with changing outlets, wrapping cords, and making sure you haven’t forgotten your mobile charger.

Styles of Stations

ESVE stations come in Level 1 and Level 2 variations. Chargers that are most common are Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 chargers typically charge an electric vehicle at the rate of 3 to 5 miles of range per hour. Level 2 chargers rate jumps to anywhere from 12 to 60 miles per hour depending on wattage of the charger and/or the amount of electricity allowed into the car’s onboard charger. For permanent installations, you’ll most likely want to go with a Level 2 station that will work for your current car as well as any future EV you may purchase. This means you’ll save money in the long run by not having to have an electrician come and go multiple times to remove and install new stations.

Tesla Vehicles
As an example: if you are looking to super charger your Tesla, a dedicated 240V 30 Amp, 240V 60 Amp, or 240V 100 Amp charging station would be suitable. (Nipper Electric is a certified installer for Tesla charging stations.) You will most likely need a dedicated circuit, as these chargers require a lot of power. We will make sure your electrical panel is suitable for this installation. If not, we can help upgrade your panel. Always make sure you are working with a licensed and insured electrician!

Benefits of ESVE Installations

Savings – On average per mile, electric cars cost half as much to drive compared to the standard gasoline-powered vehicle. You won’t only save money while driving, however. Most EV stations are ENERGY STAR certified and can save you additional money by using 40% less energy than standard EV stations while in standby mode. Considering the station will be in standby mode for 85% of its lifetime, this is a huge savings benefit on both your gasoline and energy costs per month.

Smart Technology – Some EV stations have WiFi technology to allow remote control of the station as well as remote monitoring. You can see the status of your charging station, the car’s battery level, past charging history (to see how well your vehicle is charging over time), and other features offered by the specific charging station. Some local electric utilities will also offer special savings programs with these types of stations.

Convenience – Next to saving money, convenience is a huge factor in choosing a station and where to install that station. EV stations can be installed inside or outside, depending on where you want it or what works best for your living situation. You don’t have to worry about not having a garage; many Level 1 or Level 2 stations can easily be installed in easily accessible locations outside your home for convenient charging. Apartment complexes can also have them installed in a designated area in their parking lots for the convenience of any tenants with this type of vehicle.

If you’re looking for the best peace of mind and professional installation of your new car charging station, you can be sure you’re getting the best with us. Contact us today and let us provide you with a professional and dependable installation.

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