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Electrical Code Updates

Electrical Code Updates

Electrical technology for homes and commercial properties has evolved tremendously over the last several decades. As new technology appears, existing electrical codes across the country have needed to change to account for these evolutions. If you own an older home and have noticed electrical problems recently, you may not only need electrical repairs, but your home might be out of code as well.

Nipper Electric is a team of fully licensed, highly experienced, and expertly trained electricians who stay consistently updated on the latest electrical code changes in Virginia Beach and at the federal level as well. If you have concerns about an older property being out of code, we can help.

What’s the Point of Electrical Codes?

Every local authority throughout the United States upholds different electrical codes, and there are some electrical codes that exist at the federal level and apply to all structures throughout the country. The point of these codes is simple: to avoid electrical fires, injuries, deaths, and property damage by limiting the ways electrical systems may be configured.
When all electrical contractors abide by the same standards, this sets an overarching precedent and allows electrical engineers, product developers, and other parties to make safer, more informed decisions about electrical technology. Electrical codes create uniformity, which makes it much easier for electrical contractors to ensure safety in residential and commercial electrical systems.

Penalties for Being Out of Code

It’s essential for property owners to ensure their electrical systems follow applicable electrical codes. Failure to do so could not only lead to expensive fines, but also additional costs to renovate the system that is out of code. If you recently purchased an older residential or commercial property, it’s essential to have a trustworthy and experienced electrical contractor inspect the property’s electrical structure to ensure compliance.

Work With Nipper Electric for Code Updates

Regardless of whether you need a code update in a residential or commercial property in Virginia Beach, it’s essential to choose a trustworthy and experienced electrician to do the work you need and do it correctly to ensure total compliance. Nipper Electric has a solid reputation as the leading electrical contractor in the Virginia Beach area thanks to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and job safety.

Our team stays updated on all code changes in Virginia Beach. If you want to build a new home, our team can install the wiring and ensure every aspect of the home’s electrical system is fully up to code. If you’re starting a business and need to purchase a commercial property, it’s very possible that you will need to arrange a code update for the building before you can open for business.

Nipper Electric works closely with every client to ensure they know exactly why we do what we do. Our team can explain different aspects of our code updates, showing our customers why certain things need to be changed and why codes apply the way they do. Promoting electrical safety is a top priority for the Nipper Electric team, so you can count on our electricians to handle all of your questions related to the code update work we perform for your property.

Contact Nipper Electric in Virginia Beach today to schedule a code inspection for your property. Call us at (757) 842-1710 to make an appointment for a code update to your home or business property.

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