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Electrical Outlet Repair and Service

Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are everywhere in your home. But not all outlets are created equal. There are several types of electrical outlet options to choose from. Some of the most common types of upgrades to your traditional outlet are things like LED Night Lights, or Recessed Outlets. Here are some of the most frequent type of upgrades we offer at Nipper Electric.

LED Night Lights
Adding LED night lights to your outlets can free up outlet space while still providing long-lasting night light. They come with up to a 20-year life expectancy allowing your children to sleep in peace for many nights to come.

USB Outlets
A new standard for homes these days are USB outlets. These allow you to ditch bulky charging blocks and streamline your outlet usage with spots to plug USB cords into directly into the outlet. It also leaves your other outlets open for other electronics while still being able to charge phones. This outlet option is quite a convenience and the cost is friendlier than you might expect.

Recessed Outlets
A recessed outlet is set further into your wall which allows plugs to stay hidden and doesn’t leave dangling plus hanging out of the receptacle. The aesthetic is more pleasing and functional.

AFCI (Arc-Fault Circuit Interruptors)
Adding AFCI to your main service panel is a must-have option to provide protection from sudden overheating. The AFCI detects overheated wiring and will shut down the outlet before damage can occur.

Child Proof Outlets
If you have children, or frequently have children visitors, child proof outlets are a great option. These outlets include a barrier that prevents children from touching or sticking objects into open outlets. Homeowners can rest easy with these installed as they prevent risk of injury, electric shock, and burns.

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters)
This is a common type of outlet upgrade that helps prevent electrical hazards. GFCIs monitor the electricity flowing in the circuit, if an issue or interruption is discovered, the power is immediately shut off to that line of current. This upgrade is an easy choice with it’s inexpensive installation and added safety benefits!

Now that you have a good understanding on some of the typical outlet upgrades you can choose from, here’s some information on proper electrical outlet installation, testing, replacing, and safety precautions to take.

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