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Electrical Panel Replacement

Electrical Panel Replacement

Think back to the last time you had to check your breaker panel. It could have been a while, or it could have been this morning when someone plugged in a hair dryer and the power went out. If you’ve noticed more power failures recently from using certain appliances, it may be a bigger problem than you think. It might time for an electrical panel replacement.

There are a few reasons you may want to consider replacing your electrical panel. Some of them are to handle more input and output due to construction. The electrical breaker panel in your home is the power control center. As power enters your house, the breaker panel controls where it goes, how much amperage is delivered, and can shut down channels if too much or too little power is going to or from a certain area.

If you’re performing construction on your house to add to it, which means additional wiring and additional outlets, you could very well need a new panel that will allow the required output to that area so it won’t pull power from another area of the house. You could also be undergoing a full redesign of your house, which means all new wiring, new outlets, and potentially new appliances. With all of these new additions, the old panel may not be sufficient in power performance.

You may also need to replace your electrical panel if the panel isn’t working properly. There can be a multitude of issues that are dormant and yet to be discovered but could cause serious damage if left unattended, or there could be a very visible reoccurring problem that could also cause serious damage. As stated before, a higher number of outages or blown fuses could indicate the panel is not working correctly. A closer inspection could also reveal frayed or otherwise damaged wires, “unused” breakers that are broken, sparks that present themselves at a higher rate (and really, sparks should always be inspected), or signs of water damage that indicate leaks and seal damage to the breaker.

As with most electrical work, you’ll want to highly consider having a professional install your new electrical panel. There are plenty of online “how-to” videos and blogs that will walk you through some of the steps, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for or have no experience with electrical work in the past there’s a high chance you could injure yourself, injure others, or cause serious, irreparable damage to the home or business you are trying to replace the panel in. At Nipper Electric, all of our technicians are licensed electricians. These licenses help us meet your needs and get you the right solution at the right cost. Contact our team today so we can figure out what your solution is and assess your situation to get you the best results.

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