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Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair

A flickering light or a sparking outlet may not be as innocent as you think. The NFPA cites electric faults as a leading cause of house fires. Nipper Electric knows how to discern the serious hazards from small mishaps. Our skilled and certified team of electricians in Hampton Roads can keep your family or staff safe by:

  • Performing regular maintenance.
  • Updating or repairing old or worn circuitry and wiring.
  • Updating your panels to appropriate power levels.
  • Upgrading or retrofitting your lighting.
  • Checking energy consumption to make sure your panel has enough power for your electrical needs.
  • Testing circuits and outlets to ensure they are working properly.

Fortunately, there are indicators to watch for that might just help you catch an issue before it’s too late:

Arcing is one of the major contributors to residential and commercial fires. It occurs when a current jumps from one electrical wire to another. There are a few crucial signs to look out for:

  • Flickering lights during windy weather – caused by the movement of damaged, outdoor weather-heads.
  • Outlets that can’t hold plugs – caused by worn down contacts within the outlet.
  • Overheated outlets or connections – caused by general wear and tear on wires.

Overheating is an indicator of areas where electrical power can’t meet incoming demands. The hazardous output of heat could trigger sparks and fires depending on the reason. Here are alarming signs of overheating:

  • Overheated plugs and wiring – caused by corrosion, loosened connections, and frayed or worn wires.
  • Extension cords overheating – caused by using low power extension cords for big currents.
  • Blown fuses or circuits – caused by an overused or over-wired panel.

Old Wiring
Older homes are known for their resilience, but their delicate wiring can’t keep up with new technology. Meanwhile, aluminum wiring used in newer homes is known for corroding and needs to be checked every 5 years. A few signs of old wiring include:

  • Warm outlets
  • Outlets that won’t hold plugs
  • Blown fuses
  • Flickering lights

Hire Experienced Electricians
Nipper Electric offers in-person estimates to help you troubleshoot problems before they become dangerous. We use the best products to ensure a high-quality repair. Our licensed electricians are ready to help you. Leave the worrying behind, call today at 757-842-1710, or schedule an appointment online. Our team is ready to put your mind at ease.

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