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Energy Savings & Audits

Energy Savings and Audits

Do you ever stop to consider how much the electricity your commercial business uses is dipping into your profits? Successful business owners know that savings on overhead costs compound over time and equate to increased revenues that they can use to grow the business. Getting a professional energy audit of your business is the first step toward increasing efficiency and seeing an increase in company profits.

The professionals at Nipper Electric want to see our fellow Virginia Beach companies find the success that will contribute to the greater success of the entire community. We can help your business by compiling and analyzing data on the energy your business consumes, and then helping to identify viable, sustainable measures you can take to cut down on your energy use. Not only is this a way to save your company money, but it also helps the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

What Does an Energy Audit Look Like?

Compiling and analyzing data on your operation’s energy consumption and determining ways it can be improved upon is best described in three steps. When you call on the professionals at Nipper Electric for an audit, we follow this basic protocol.

1. Your company provides us with past utility bills that we can analyze, summarize, and compile into easy to understand spreadsheets and charts. This helps the client to understand average lode variables and billing rates.

2. We will take stock of all the equipment and energy consuming systems at your business location. Once the on-site survey is conducted, we will evaluate the efficiency and performance of everything from heating and cooling systems, to computer networks and lighting. After every facet of energy consumption in the facility is documented and researched, we review the details with management staff to ensure accuracy and determine proper controls and high-concern areas.

3. Experts will conduct diagnostics on various areas, such as:

● Carbon monoxide testing and combustion efficiency
● Flow of exhaust fans
● Ventilation systems
● HVAC systems
● Air flow in cooling coils and refrigerant charge
● Inspection of ductwork and insulation

Extent of the Audit

The degree to which you wish to audit your energy consumption is divided into three levels by The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Depending on your energy savings goals, the level you choose can be either:

● Walk Through (Level One). This type of audit basically consists of a brief on-site survey of energy use and review of utility bill history, at which point recommendations can be made on ways to improve efficiency.
● Energy Survey and Analysis (Level Two). This popular audit choice provides a more in-depth analysis of energy consumption in the facility, recommendations on changes to operating procedures, and a detailed savings and cost analysis of the company’s energy use.
● Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modifications (Level Three). This level is the most detailed analysis of all the factors that contribute to energy costs for your business, and a plan for how to put new practices into effect in order to increase ROI.

When you are looking to improve your energy consumption and see savings that contribute to your business revenues, Nipper Electric can help with your energy audit. Reach out to us today at (757) 842-1710 and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members about ways that we can help you save money and foster the growth of your business.

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