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Ethernet Wiring

Ethernet Wiring

If you’re looking for faster internet, better wifi or trying to extend ethernet cable a professional ethernet connection might be the answer. Nipper Electric offers local and professional ethernet and coaxial cable installations for all your tech, including:

  • Smart TVS
  • Surround Sound Speakers
  • Computers
  • Smart Systems
  • And Much More

Our professional electricians stay up to date with all the latest in technology. We’ve been providing excellent electrical contractor and electrical work in the Virginia Beach Area for over 19 years. Leave your technical installations to us!

Ethernet Installations

Rj45 Ethernet connections are most common forms of cabling used in local LAN networks. It is the cable that is found to connect different devices to a router or network, creating a LAN or Local Area Network. You can design your LAN to be on a wireless network or on a wired network. Ethernet can be classified in different categories CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a. Many times you may hear terms CAT5 installation or CAT6 installation, which in simple terms means the installation of an Ethernet cable. The experts at Nipper Electric can install the perfect Ethernet options that work for your home or business. We also offer affordable options for you with our discounts and clear-cut-pricing.

Using Ethernet cables to connect your TV, computer, or other devices that use large amounts of bandwidth helps free up wifi bandwidth for other devices, like phones, tablets, or laptops. Our experts can increase your tech by combining different systems on Ethernet cables and Coaxial cables.

Extend Ethernet Cable

There are endless reasons why you may need to extend your ethernet cable/connection. We will not go into explaining why, but how. There are simple ways of adding few more feet to your ethernet cable and there are professional solutions. Here are five most commonly used techniques of extending your ethernet cable:

  • Coaxial Cable Extenders – up to a mile
  • Fiber Media Converters – several miles
  • UTP Ethernet Extenders
  • DIY – cut 2 lines, spliced em together, use electrical tape – few feet
  • Wireless Ethernet extension – several miles

Coaxial Cable Installations

The copper based Coaxial Cable is the wire that is most often used for entertainment systems, like TVs or especially surround sound speakers. These wires can help create seamless sound in your home theater or living room.

Your trusted electrician in Virginia Beach can use coaxial cables to hook up your sound system without all those unsightly wires and mess that often comes with personal entertainment systems. Nipper Electric has the experience to carefully lay out your sound system. We can run the cable through your crown molding or even through the wall by using special wiring made specifically for interior wiring. Benefits of using Coaxial Cable include:

  • Affordability
  • Versatility
  • Easily Compatible with Different Devices
  • Prevents Outside Interference on Your TV
  • Provides Top Quality Picture
  • Helps Prevent Static

CAT 5 vs. CAT 6

Both versions are basically Ethernet cable, but with different amount of plastic/isolation around them and different size of twisted wires on the inside. They will both end with the same connector and fit in the same devices. They will vary in the internet speeds that they transmit to your computer, TV, router, etc.

CAT 5 – The slowest transmission is CAT 5 with 10/100 Mbps speeds. CAT 5e, where “e” stands for enhanced and is currently most commonly used in the new installations. It can handle 1000 Mbps speeds at 100 Mhz
CAT 6 – Cable is a major improvement over CAT 5e. It can handle up to 10 Gbps speeds at 250 Mhz. These cables have an internal separator to minimize cross-wire interference which in CAT 5 is a major downfall.
CAT 7 – Latest and greatest in Ethernet wiring is CAT 7 which support speeds up to 10Gbps at 1000Mhz. Cat7 has pair-sharing capability, which means it can power several different devices at the same time.

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