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Flat Screen Installation

Flat Screen Installation

Most homes have flat screen televisions. Bulky and heavy televisions that fill a room have been replaced with tidy, clear pictured screens that can fit just about anywhere. The only problem is installing them. No one wants trailing wires and cords that detract from the beauty of their home. Nipper Electric can help you mount your flat screen television securely in a way that doesn’t detract from the beauty of your home.
Where To Start

Before you start your flat screen TV installation, it’s likely you will have a lot of questions.

  • Where is the best place to install a flat screen TV?
  • Can I put a flat screen TV over my fireplace?
  • How do you hide flat screen TV wires after installation?
  • Is my wall strong enough to hold the size of flat screen I bought?

Nipper Electric can take the guess work out of flat screen TV installation. We can install your television quickly and conveniently in a way that still fits your personal tastes.

Flat Screen Installation Tips

Mounting a flat screen can be difficult and take a lot of knowledge and electrical skill. You will have to not only need to know how to install and mount the flat screen TV but also how to properly protect your wiring and follow electrical code. Most importantly, NEVER RUN AN ELECTRICAL CORD OR EXTENSION CORD INSIDE YOUR WALL. Regular electrical cords and extension cords are not made for storing inside walls and could cause damage to you TV and your home. Certain things will need to be considered when you start planning to mount your television. Some of the things professional electricians like Nipper Electric can easily handle are:

  • Making sure the wall you choose is able to bear the load of the TV.
  • Finding the appropriate studs in walls that are dry-wall.
  • Properly mounting techniques for brick or concrete walls.
  • Knowing how to find any other obstructions in the wall that might affect your wiring.
  • Knowing how to hide wires safely and according to NEC code.
  • Installing new, hidden outlets to securely plug in TVs while hiding wires.
  • Placing wiring in molding or in walls without damaging or affecting your home.
  • Knowing which tools are needed to properly install and mount the flat screen TV.

Mounting or installing a flat screen TV as a DIY project will not only eat up your time but your money too. You will need a number of specialized tools to drill holes in your wall, run wiring through the wall and attach the proper wiring to your TV. This is really a job that is best left to the professionals.

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