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Generator Maintenance

Generator Maintenance

If you have a home, standby, or portable generator, you know the benefits that they deliver to your home. Generators help assure the continuous operation of all your home’s systems, even in the event of long-term power outages. This hardworking machine, like all your home’s systems, requires maintenance to keep it running at its best. Routine generator maintenance can help extend the life of your system and assure continuous smooth operation.

Potential Generator Operation Issues
Like any other system, your home generator benefits from service and maintenance. As your system ages, you might notice one of the following problems requiring maintenance and repair:

● Low coolant. When the coolant in your system runs low, it could be because of a leak or a clogged radiator, Over time, low coolant levels can cause your generator to overheat or shut down completely. A technician can check coolant levels as part of a routine tune up.
● Battery Failures. One of the most common reasons for generator service calls is a battery failure. Generator batteries may fail because of terminal buildup, shorting, open cells, charger failures, or dirty connections. No matter the issue, a technician can help find and resolve it.
● Wet Stacking. A consistently over fueled engine can become damaged over time because of accumulation of carbon particles, oil, condensed water, or unburned fuel. A maintenance call will help assure your system is running at its best.
● A Faulty Block Heater. Since they are running frequently, block heaters can become less efficient over time, requiring replacement.
● Air in the Fuel System. When a generator does not kick on frequently, air can get into the fuel lines and prevent injectors from firing. Regular maintenance is necessary to prevent this.
● Out of Fuel. A generator will automatically turn off when fuel runs low, as this will prevent air from entering the fuel system. A generator tuneup can include topping off of all fuel to prevent shutdown.
● Breaker Trip. A generator can fail when the breaker gets tripped; but never operate the automatic transfer switch if you don’t know how. Improper operation can result in serious injury or death, which is why calling a professional is necessary.

Why Choose Nipper Electric For Generator Maintenance Or Repair?

Regular maintenance can help maximize the life of your generator system while assuring your family’s safety. If you are ready to take advantage of the benefits that maintenance can offer, call Nipper Electric today. We are wholly committed to customer service. You can count on:

● Licensed, Insured, and Bonded Electricians. Our technicians are experienced, knowledgeable, and can keep your system running at its best.
● Reliable Service. Our technicians show up on time, prepared, and ready to give you valuable information about your generator system and operation.
● Working with a company that is locally owned and operated. Unlike some of the bigger national companies out there, our roots run deep in the same community as yours. We are committed to making our customers happy, because they’re our neighbors, too.

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