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Light Dimmers & Timers

Light Dimmers and Timers

Often underrated or overlooked, lighting is one of the most fundamental parts of a successful home design. Different parts of your home have different light requirements, further complicated by each person’s individual preferences and schedule. With help from our trained technicians, you can develop a comprehensive lighting plan for your home that provides everyone in your family with just the right light exactly where you need it and when you need it.

Elevating your home can be as simple as a call to Nipper Electric, where our technicians can update your lighting with dimmers and timers.

Benefits of Dimmers

Easy to install and even easier to use, dimmers can make a tremendous difference in your home. Managed by simple wall switches or remote controls, dimmers provide a convenient way to precisely adjust the intensity of your lights for maximum comfort. Just as each person in your family is unique, so too is their lighting preference. You can readily accommodate everyone with dimmers, allowing each person to have individualized lighting for every situation.

Because we all have different preferences that change throughout the day, we often end up turning on several lamps in each room to create the appropriate glow. Using dimmers transforms your lights from single to multi-purpose, keeping everyone happy. You won’t waste time and energy juggling which lights need to be turned on or off at which times – you can use a single light source and adjust it accordingly throughout the day.

Along with providing personalized light, dimmers are incredibly energy efficient. Even at the highest setting, lights with dimmers use consistently less energy than those without. Experts estimate that adding dimmers to your lights can reduce your energy usage by up to twenty percent! They also increase the life of your light bulbs by up to twenty times, meaning fewer replacement bulbs are bought. Less energy wasted means smaller electric bills and a happier planet.

How Timers Can Help You

Timers can be used in conjunction with dimmers for further energy savings. They are helpful when used both indoors and out, directing light only when you need it and turning off after a predetermined amount of time. This allows you to develop a consistent schedule, helps provide security against potential criminals, and ultimately saves you energy and money on your electric bill.

● Routine: If you or your family members have a difficult time sticking to a bedtime routine, a timer may be the answer. Set a timer for your living room lights to turn off an hour before your intended bedtime and have your bedroom lamps turn on at the same time. This alerts you to the time, providing a visual cue that prompts you to wash up and complete your bedtime routine, rather than falling asleep on the sofa again.
● Safety: Timers can also provide security against break-ins. Protect your home from potential intruders when you’re at your most vulnerable. Light timers signal to outsiders that your home is occupied, even if you’re asleep or on vacation, causing them to search elsewhere for a different target.
● Savings: It’s inevitable that we end up forgetting to turn off a light or a device before bed, and at first glance it doesn’t seem like a big deal. But those hours of wasted electricity can really add up. Especially during the holiday season, it can mean a significant savings just to put a timer on your tree or outdoor lights.

With over fifteen years of experience, Nipper Electric knows how to best customize lighting for our client homes in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake area residences. Call us today at (757) 842-1710 to learn how our trained technicians can update your existing light fixtures to improve the look and functioning of your home.

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