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Lighting Control

Lighting Control

Whether you’re looking to renovate or just interested in keeping up with general maintenance, a trusted electrician is a crucial part of keeping your home safe and happy. At Nipper Electric, you can be sure to have knowledgeable professionals on your side. Our skilled technicians can help you with countless projects in every room of your home.

Keeping your home electrical system in good working order has a variety of benefits. Not only are you alleviating the stress of potential fire hazards, but you can also substantially enhance your home’s functionality and appearance.

If you’re considering making improvements to your home, the easiest, most significant way to make an impact is to consider your lighting. Having the proper light for different activities around your house is fundamental when creating a comfortable space for your family. Consult our professional electricians to design a lighting plan for your home and ensure every inch is thoroughly illuminated.

Lighting Diversity Is Important for Task Completion & Mood Setting

Different areas of your home are used for different purposes. These functions dictate the optimal type, placement, and intensity of your light sources. For example, the usefulness of the kitchen is determined by the presence of enough bright, focused light to prepare and cook dishes with minimal mistakes. This means a uniform arrangement of recessed or track lighting on the ceiling and under the top cabinets would be the most conducive to the tasks occurring in the kitchen.

In the dining room, however, the focus is less on precision and more on atmosphere. This room benefits from the soft, diffuse glow of a chandelier or group of pendants, accentuating the communal table around which friends and family gather to share dishes and stories. While perfect for the kitchen, track lighting in this room may come across as cold or sterile.

In addition to changing the fixtures themselves, existing lights can be updated with dimmers or timers for greater functionality in various areas of the home. Dimmers allow you to carefully adjust the intensity of light throughout your space, which is especially valuable in areas like the bedroom where you want to evoke feelings of calm and quiet. To assist with keeping a bedtime routine, timers can be programmed to turn specific lights on and off at predetermined times.

How you use your home is unique, so your home lighting should be, too.

Why Choose Us

At Nipper Electric, we offer a variety of services at competitive prices to provide you with maximum control of your home lighting. You can trust our team of professionals.

We are a NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) affiliated business with over fifteen years of experience working for families in the Virginia Beach area. Our trained technicians hold state-issued Electrical, Master Electrician, and Class B Contractors licenses, meaning you’re investing in quality work.

From upgrading your existing fixtures to installing new lighting, we have the solution for your light needs. Make sure your family stays safe and comfortable with help from our skilled technicians at Nipper Electric. Call us at (757) 842-1710.

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