Lighting Installation & Upgrades

Nipper Electric  offers a full range of residential and commercial services for lighting upgrades and lighting retrofit services. Lighting retrofits can take any building, residential or commercial, and create lasting energy efficient upgrades that will save you money and create the perfect atmosphere. This can include those ceiling fans and chandelier lights that are hard to reach.

Lighting Upgrades Energy Savings

When you realize that up to 50% of all electric costs come from lighting alone, you can easily see how lighting controls energy savings. For your home, better lighting upgrades can save you money, but also help create a soothing and happy environment. Appropriate lighting can lead to better sleeping and fewer headaches caused by poor lighting. For businesses, commercial lighting upgrades will lower overhead costs, create a comfortable and inviting setting that will bring back clients. For your budgets, lighting with energy saving light bulbs is the quickest, simplest investment you can make. The savings from lighting upgrades alone are considered to be the fastest and largest returns on investments when including their installation costs.


Commercial Lighting Upgrades

For strictly commercial purposes, many businesses are struggling to get their buildings up to energy code or keep up with the global economy. Because lighting takes up so much of your electric bill, commercial lighting upgrades are a necessity to compete in these any competitive marketplace. You could see a return of even 45% in just two years after putting in energy efficient lighting. Cutting down those overhead costs and staying up to code could catapult your business into success.

At home or in the office, Nipper Electric gets rave reviews for their outstanding professional service. Those looking for electricians in Virginia Beach, Virginia can come to us for solutions and answers to many questions like:

  • What is the most energy efficient light bulb?
  • Which energy savings light bulbs are best suited to my home?
  • Is an energy efficient upgrades tax credit available for my installation?
  • What lighting upgrades energy savings can I expect?
  • What energy efficiency upgrades will work in my home/business?

Before you start working on your lights, be sure to check out some LED savings calculators or lighting upgrade calculators. These tools can help you see which systems or bulbs work for your needs and save you the most money. Nipper Electric Inc. has a staff that is ready and willing to guide you through each step and perform top notch work every time. So, if you are retrofitting your home lighting or upgrading your company’s energy efficiency, we have answers.

Leading Lighting Retrofit Companies

Nipper Electric is a leader in lighting retrofit companies in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  We know how to get the most out of energy efficiency as discussed in the manual, Lighting Upgrades, A Guide for Facility Managers. We can satisfy all your lighting upgrade needs with our long list of services including:

  • Lighting retrofit services
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • Lighting controls energy savings
  • Better lighting upgrades
  • Commercial lighting upgrades
  • Energy savings light bulbs
  • Lighting upgrades energy savings


Installing new or retrofit lighting can be frightening and dangerous. Don’t try to do it yourself or go to a company with less experience. will treat you like family and work hard to give you the result you want.  Call us at 757-842-1710 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.