Meter Box Replacement

Meter-Box/Base Repairs and Replacement Norfolk, Chesapeake & Virginia Beach

electrical meter base1Often ignored, meter boxes are a vital part of electrical supply and safety for any home or office. Unlike your meter, meter boxes are not owned or operated by your local utility company. If something goes wrong with your meter box, it’s up to you to repair or replace them. Luckily, Virginia Beach, Norfolk & Chesapeake trusted electrician NipperElectric can help you with all your meter box needs. We offer the best local electrical service, including:

Whatever happens with your meter box or meter base, you can be sure the professionals at Nipper Electric can handle it.

How Meter Bases Work

electrical meter baseThe meter base or meter box provides housing for your electrical meter. The meter box works to prevent water and other elements from entering the meter or electrical supply and damaging wiring in your home. Meter boxes have special requirements to ensure safety. They must be placed a certain length away from the ground, gutters, decks and other obstacles that could provide easy access for water or erosion to damage the meter box. The box must also be properly grounded to prevent electrical shocks or power surges. Damage or wear and tear on meter boxes could lead to serious hazards for your home.

The Dangers of Meter Damage

Over time, meter boxes can become loose, damaged, or just wear out. When these things happen your home or office can become a danger zone for shocks, electrocution, and fire. Some of the issues you will need to repair include:

  • Water Leaks–  Everyone knows that electricity and water don’t mix. Water or moisture in your meter box can mean damage to wiring throughout your home and potentially deadly shocks. Gaps or tears in your meter box can allow small amounts of water to seep in and corrode your wiring or even get into your plugs. If you notice any areas where water may be entering your meter box, avoid using any outlets and call your professional electrician like Nipper Electric right away.
  • wires on fireBurns – If you have seen any burning or singed marks at the box or on the wires coming out of it, you might have some these issues:
    • Rodents chewing through wiring.
    • Improper wiring in the box
    • Loose lugs or joints
    • Overloaded Circuits
    • Overheating

All of these issues can cause fires, shocks, or further damage to your wiring. Call your electrician immediately.

  • Rust- Where this is rust, there is water. You’ll need to know where the water is coming from so any further repairs or precautions can be done immediately. Rust on meter boxes can be caused through loose weather-heads, openings in the box or a persistent drip that is hitting your meter box. Rust leads to corrosion and weakens the meter box, it will need to be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Wear and Tear– Sometimes nothing happens to a meter box. It simply wears down over time. If this is the case, you’ll still need to replace the box or base to keep preventing water leaks and electrical damage.

Keeping Virginia Beach Electrical Services Safe

outside-electrical-panelsEven though meter boxes are overlooked, they serve a very important purpose. Protecting your home. Call Nipper Electric at 757-842-1710 immediately if you notice any damage to your meter box, or you can make an appointment online. We can get started today. We even do emergency repairs when necessary. Nothing is more important than the safety of your family, friends and your home.