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Commercial Electrical Contractors in Norfolk

Let’s be real here: if people wanted to work in poorly lit conditions that posed a huge fire risk, we’d still be using candles and torches instead of light bulbs. A business needs quality lighting to keep employees productive and so the customers can see what they’re purchasing. Nipper Electric is here to make sure all standards are met: yours, ours, and the state’s. To that end, we offer the following services for commercial facilities:

  • Light Installation
  • Electrical Repair
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Generator Installation
  • Wiring Dedicated Circuits
  • Fitting Lighting Ballasts

Electrical Service Repair in Norfolk

When it comes to safety, regular maintenance is a must, especially when it comes to electrical systems. At Nipper Electric, we’re able to perform most if not all of your repair needs, including:

  • Electrical and Technical Troubleshooting – A flickering light or a high energy bill can indicate a much more serious problem with your system.
  • Equipment Maintenance – Advances in technology have made newer units more energy efficient than old ones; swapping out or at least repairing the old tech can cut your bill down to size.
  • Check Dedicated Circuits – Too many machines on one circuit is a recipe for disaster, especially when large appliances are involved.
  • Panel Upgrades – Different types of building and business have different needs, and panels need to be adjusted to suit those needs as part of the electrical codes.

Following Code
The National Fire Prevention Agency (NFPA) has strict regulations for all electrical work performed across the country, and trust us when we say you want to follow them. Unless your business somehow survives without electricity in this day and age, meeting federal electrical standards is something you absolutely need to do. Nipper Electric is up to date on all codes, and ready to help you meet them via:

  • Bringing Panels Up-To-Date
  • Dedicated Circuit Work
  • Establishing Code Guidelines
  • Retrofitting Existing Work

These codes are there to ensure, not just your safety, but the safety of people in nearby buildings as well. Always be sure your building is up to code.

Save Time & Money with Nipper Electric

Electricity costs money, but there’s a good chance your business is spending too much on it. Running the lights and the climate control system makes up nearly three quarters of the average electric bill, but with a veteran electrician from Nipper Electric, you have the power to cut that cost by up to one third. Not only could this save your business thousands of dollars in a year, it might also allow you to qualify for some of Virginia’s energy efficiency incentives. Here are some of the ways Nipper Electric can help you reduce that electric bill:

  • Lighting Upgrades – Even just trading out old light bulbs can cut costs down, but retrofitting the current system with newer technology can improve efficiency overall.
  • Computerized Lighting or Climate Control – Running the lights and the heat all day is a waste. With a programmable system, it’s possible to tune the lighting and climate control systems to operate more when they’re needed and less when they’re not.
  • Occupancy Sensors – There’s no use leaving everything on for an empty building, so an occupancy sensor can ensure that the systems only activate while someone is present to use them.
  • Managing Plug Loads – Even machines that are turned off can still use power if they’re plugged in. Our equipment can monitor this power use, and help manage plug loads.
  • Outdoor Lighting Sensors – A timer or a sensor on your external lighting can keep it off during the day, saving you money.
  • Regular Maintenance – Equipment wears out, it’s just a fact of life. Checking it over and making repairs can keep it running longer and reduce its power consumption.

Nipper Electric is composed of highly skilled electricians who want to get your business running right and keep your costs down. Whatever challenge your company is facing, one of our specialists will be able to get you back on track. Call us today at for an appointment at 757-842-1710.

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