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Electrical Panel Replacement

Electrical Panel Replacement Norfolk

Have you ever had the power suddenly cut out just after plugging in the microwave? It’s certainly a nuisance when the breaker gets tripped even once, but if it’s happening more and more often, you might need to get your electrical panel replaced. Frequently tripped breakers are an early warning sign that the panel is wearing out.

So why replace the panel, exactly? Sure, having to go and reset it every now and again is annoying, but getting a new one installed costs money. There’s more than a few good reasons to bite the bullet and get it done, though. A damaged electrical panel is a serious safety hazard to you and your family. While it may only be manifesting as brief power outages and blown fuses now, it very well could be the result of damaged wires or water damage, either of which could cause a fire if left uninspected. And if you see sparks of any kind, that’s something that should be checked sooner than later.

The electrical panel is the core around which your home’s power revolves. It controls where the power is sent, the amperage to those places, and can cut the power from different areas if they’re receiving or sending too much or too little. These panels are installed with a building’s current needs in mind, so if you’re putting an addition on your house, the current panel might not suit your new needs. Likewise, redesigning the entire building typically means new wiring, outlets, and even appliances, all of which might be more than the panel can handle. If the panel isn’t properly up to date, it can actually pull power from one area of the house in order to power another. So whether it’s actually worn out or just not up to new demands, it should at least be inspected.

Now, you might be able to find a “do it yourself” guide online, and it might look like a simple job. Guides like that tend to assume that nothing will go wrong, that the panel is kept in ideal conditions, but as anyone who’s attended a physics lesson can tell you, the world isn’t a frictionless vacuum. Even with the proper knowledge of the subject, working with electricity is a job where serious injury, and potentially death, are the higher prices of failure and permanent damage to the building is the low price. Instead of taking that risk yourself, call Nipper Electric. Our technicians are fully licensed electricians with the know how to identify your unique needs, address all relevant safety concerns, and leave you with quality work at a reasonable price.

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