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Flat Screen Installs

Flat Screen Installation

The old box televisions have gone by the way side, replaced by the sleeker and more eye pleasing flat screen. But that aesthetic can be easily ruined by having random cables and cords dangling from the back, and installing the television the wrong way can lead to it being crooked or even falling down. Nipper Electric has experts who can make sure your flat screen television is mounted not just well, but in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Where To Start
When it comes to installing a flat screen TV, there are lots of important questions to consider. For example, “Where is the best place to install flat screen?” “Is it safe to mount flat screen above a fireplace?” “How do you hide the wires after the TV is installed?” and, “Which walls are strong enough to hold a TV of this size?” all come to mind. Rather than wasting time with uncertainty, let Nipper Electric answer those question for you and install the television in the way that best suits your tastes and the necessities.

Flat Screen Installation Tips

It’s probably tempting to install the flat screen yourself; after all, plugging in a TV isn’t rocket science. But mounting it to the wall is a much more complex task with different standards. For example, while running an extension cord inside the wall might sound like a good idea, it’s actually capable of damaging your home and the TV because such cords are not designed to be stored inside walls. Properly following electrical codes is part of our job at Nipper Electric, and we’re able to handle such tasks as:

  • Selecting a wall that can properly hold the TV’s weight.
  • Finding the appropriate studs in walls that are dry-wall.
  • Properly mounting the television in a brick or concrete wall.
  • Knowing how to find any other obstructions in the wall that might affect your wiring.
  • Knowing how to hide wires safely and according to NEC code.
  • Installing new, hidden outlets to securely plug in TVs while keeping the wires hidden.
  • Placing wiring in molding or in walls without damaging or affecting your home.
  • Knowing which tools are needed to properly install and mount the flat screen TV.

Trying to mount and install your flat screen TV yourself, without the specialized tools for drilling the proper holes, running the wiring through the walls, and attaching it all to your TV is project that will likely just waste your valuable time and hard earned money. Instead, let a professional do the job for you.

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