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Interlock Kits

Interlock kits

Norfolk property owners are familiar with the risks of living in an area affected by coastal storms. Managing to avoid extensive property damage during such a storm is certainly a relief, but unfortunately, there are other ways your family can be negatively impacted—for instance, power outages. Not only can these be expensive when you account for the food spoilage and additional emergency purchases, but they can also be extremely uncomfortable or even dangerous depending on how long the outage lasts.

Having a generator on the property provides great comfort to families, allowing them to continue using electricity while the power grid remains down. But generators can be a little more complex than people think. For instance, an interlock kit is an extremely critical component to ensuring everyone’s safety when using a generator, yet it remains widely unknown.

How Do Interlock Kits Work?

In simple terms, an interlock kit allows for energy to be backfed into the home through a generator. This effectively prevents dangerous safety hazards, such as electrocution, electrical fires, or irreparable generator damage. It also allows the generator to function properly.

Interlock kits are installed onto the house’s breaker panel, helping to regulate the flow of electricity. Once attached to the breaker panel, moveable plates inside the kit can be shifted to alter the said flow. In the down position, the main breaker is on and the generator backfeed is off. In the up position, this is reversed. This way, you avoid running into a situation where both are on, which could majorly overload the electrical system.

In order for the kit to do its job, it’s vital that it be installed correctly by a skilled professional. The technicians at Nipper Electric can help find the best interlock kit model for your breaker panel and take care of every step in the installation process.

Why Rely on Nipper Electric For Your Interlock Kit Installation?

If you’re ready to add increased protection to your home by installing an interlock kit, we’re here to assist. Our locally based team of licensed, bonded, and insured electricians have earned their reputation through years and years of experience providing safe, reliable service to Norfolk properties. We value reliability and quality and are determined to help you find exactly what you need. Once we’ve identified all the details, we are committed to completing the job in a timely manner, so you can get back to your schedule and immediately begin reaping the benefits.

Above all else, we are invested in ensuring our fellow community members are well taken care of. Contact our team at Nipper Electric today by dialing (757) 842-1710.

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