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Power Transfer System

Power Transfer System

While Norfolk residents may be relatively familiar with power outages in the aftermath of a great coastal storm, that doesn’t make the experience any less stressful. Losing electricity has a huge impact on the average modern lifestyle. Generators can be an excellent solution but choosing the right generator for your property is another stressful endeavor. The larger the generator, the more power you’ll have for your home, but it’ll be more expensive as well.

It’s worth considering that not all electrical needs are the same. You can probably live without your Xbox. You can’t say the same about necessary medical equipment. That’s where a power transfer system can help. With a power transfer system, you can ensure that even with a total loss of power, the appliances and devices that are most important to you remain operational.

Types of Power Transfer Systems

There are two main types of power transfer systems: manual and automatic. Manual systems are the more affordable option and are more than sufficient when experiencing a straightforward power outage from time to time. However, if the loss of power is intermittent or happens on a regular basis, it can be incredibly time-consuming to keep switching to your generator over and over. An automatic system will provide a smooth transition between the power grid and your generator. If you’re unsure of which one is best for you, one of our skilled technicians can discuss the details of your situation and present you with the best options.

Power Transfer System Installation

When installing the system, you can decide which appliances you want to have connected to your backup generator. Consider what electrical items you absolutely depend on during an average day to start, including any critical medical equipment or heavily used appliances like the refrigerator. You can also add in a few items that don’t use very much electricity. The electricians from Nipper Electric have years of experience helping Norfolk property owners make these decisions and can help you weigh your options if you’re unsure of how to proceed.

Once you’ve decided the best setup for your situation, one of our technicians can take care of installing the power transfer system in the agreed-upon configuration. By trusting a professional, you have the peace of mind of a high quality, safe, up-to-code installation.

Why Trust Nipper Electric For Your Power Transfer System Installation?

When you’re ready to add in a power transfer system and maximize the efficiency of your generator usage, it’s crucial that the system be installed by a licensed electrician. Based here in Norfolk, our team at Nipper Electric is licensed, bonded, and insured. However, in addition to the quality of our work, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction. As members of the community, we are invested in remaining your top choice for reliable services. Call Nipper Electric at (757) 842-1710 to get started with your first appointment today.

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