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Pool Lighting Replacement

Pool Lighting Replacement

Recently there has been a larger demand for converting pool lights to LED from fiber optic lights or traditional incandescent. To many people, it may seem unnecessary. A light is a light, right? Wrong. LED lighting has endless design and money saving possibilities. In the Virginia Beach Area, Nipper Electric has the experience and knowledge available to help you choose the perfect LED pool light conversion or replacement.

Why Change?

Regular incandescent lighting has been around for a long time. While these traditional bulbs have served their purpose, it has always been at a higher cost. Incandescent lights also greatly limit design options as well as giving off heat and taking up more time to replace.

LED lights offer amazing opportunities for your pool. Here are just a few reasons to consider switching to LED lights for your pool:

Costs– LED bulbs do much more than incandescent lights do at almost 75% lower costs. These lights run almost SIX Times longer than incandescent bulbs, use less power and create more light than both incandescents and fiber optic pool lighting.

Efficiency– Since the LED bulbs last longer, you won’t have to change them as often. Overall, the entire process for changing these bulbs lasts about 15 minutes, around 10 minutes longer than changing fiber optics, but you’ll be doing it much less often. If your bulb is placed in a difficult spot, don’t hesitate to call experts like Nipper Electric to help you. We can safely replace pool lights or rewire your pool to make it easier to maintain.

Run Cooler – LED lights also produce a lot less heat, so they won’t create hot spots in your pool. The voltage is also much lower, meaning there isn’t as much energy running through the bulb.

Earth Friendly – Using less energy obviously means these bulbs are earth friendly. As an added bonus, they are also fully recyclable.

Durability – You will enjoy much longer lasting bulbs with your LED pool lights. This means you’ll have to buy fewer bulbs and spend less time getting them and changing them out. These bulbs can last for over 60,000 Hours!

No Bugs! – Some LED lights actually don’t attract bugs like other light sources. Bugs are attracted to UV lights. These lights don’t put off the UV light like other bulbs, so they don’t attract bugs. Be certain to check the packaging to make sure you got the right type of LED light that doesn’t attract bugs.

Design Options – The diversity of design options with LED lighting is incredible. LED lights can be designed to display any number of lights or patterns of lights. You can go from patriotic lighting to romantic or anything in between with a simple change in programming. The lights can also fade in and out or be set to themes or music. You could also install a dimmer and timer to help cut lighting costs!

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