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Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

As recessed lighting has quickly gained popularity, Nipper Electric has become the go-to service in Hampton Roads for installation. These lights are now the perfect lights for both inside and outside your home and business. The varieties are endless and the modern style can change the look of a room instantly. Here’s what to consider:

What Are Recessed Lights?
Recessed lighting is lighting sunken into the ceiling or wall, leaving only the light and trim decorations visible. There are three main parts: housing, trim, and bulb.
Housing – The housing holds the bulb and electrical parts while attaching to the ceiling mount. There is a variety to choose from and it’s important to consult a professional before doing so. Nipper Electric will help you make the right selection by considering factors such as:

  • New Construction or Remodel Housings – During construction and remodeling, joists are typically easily accessible.
  • Following Code – Housings like the IC-rated Housing will protect against contact with insulation, complying with code.
  • Non-perforated Housings- Non-perforated housings help protect your home from air drafts and moisture build-up.
  • Different Environments- A housing with the proper certification is crucial for settings like the restroom or exterior patio.

Trim – The trim is the visible portion of the fixture, used as decoration and focusing the light. Choosing the right trim will depend on whether you want the light focused on an object or the entire room, and whether you want the trim noticed or not. A few variations include:

  • Reflectors – Reflectors typically use a smooth cone around the light to focus the light in one direction.
  • Baffles- Baffles use a ridged surface to soften the light, creating more overall light for an area.
  • Positioning Trims- Positioning trims use their adjustability to move the light in your desired direction, creating layers of light or focusing on one area of a room.

Light Bulbs – Light bulbs are available with various effects and energy consumption. You can choose from numerous types including:

  • Incandescent- Traditional light bulbs that consume more energy and last a shorter period of time.
  • Halogen- Brighter bulbs that produce more heat but last a little longer than incandescent.
  • CFLs – Energy efficient bulbs with tiny traces of mercury in the bulb.
  • LED – Extremely energy efficient bulbs with minimum heat, lasting years longer than traditional bulbs.

Exactly What You Need
The possibilities are endless with recessed lighting. There is a perfect combination of housing, trim, and bulb for any circumstance you need. Use recessed lighting as the ideal tool for:

  • Task or workspace lighting in kitchens, dining rooms, offices, garages, pantries, and closets.
  • Ambient lighting in living rooms, decks, patios, porches, dining rooms, hallways.
  • Decorative lighting for outdoor landscape, artwork, architectural design, office sign lighting.
  • Background lighting in any room or space.

Don’t wait and don’t cut corners for your desired lighting. Call us today at 757-842-1710 to get started on installing your recessed lights. You can also make an appointment online. Let Nipper Electric make your dream project a reality.

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