Professional Recessed Lighting Installation

Recessed lights are one of the most popular tools in lighting design. They can create so many different types of light and almost anywhere, inside or outside your home or business. These flexible lights need professional installation by electricians that understand recessed lighting design and installation.

Recessed lighting has so many perks that it can change the look of any room instantly. Before you start your planning, we want to provide you with a quick look at recessed lighting.

What Are Recessed Lights?

Recessed light fixture - NipperElectricRecessed light is when the lighting itself is inside the ceiling or wall. The only thing you see is the light coming from the fixture and possible trim decorations. Recessed lights have three main parts, housing, trim, and bulb.

Housing – Housing holds the light bulb, all electrical parts and the structure that fastens to the ceiling. Professionals should be used when choosing the housing and installing. Codes must be followed to keep the lights working correctly and avoid electrical issues. There are many different things to consider that only a trusted professional electrician, like Nipper Electric, can accomplish. Here are just a few decisions we can help guide you through:

  • New Construction or Remodel Housings? –When you can easily reach ceiling joists, during construction of remodeling, you can use New Construction Housings. Otherwise, you should use Remodel Housings. We can help you know which to use.
  • Which Housing Follows Code? Recessed lights shouldn’t come in contact with insulation. We will install IC-rated Housings that will protect against contact. If there isn’t a chance of insulation contact, we can help you pick the perfect Non-IC housings.
  • Energy Efficient Recessed Lights- Recessed lighting installations can create drafts or encourage moisture. We will help you choose nonperforated housings that will keep air and moisture from damaging your home.
  • Using Recessed Lights in Different Environments- Recessed lights are great for bathrooms and areas with moisture. We will help you pick the right housing for exterior or interior recessed lights with the right certification.

Trim – The visible part of your recessed light is called the trim. Trim can be unnoticeable or decorative. The trim is used to focus lighting on objects or around the room. Trims also include:

  • Reflectors- Reflectors use a smooth cone around the light to focus the light in one direction. These can come in many different colors that create different lighting.
  • Baffles- Baffles are very similar to reflectors. Instead of a smooth surface surrounding the light, the surface has ridges that make the light softer. These are great for creating overall light.
  • Positioning Trims- Positioning trims, like eyeball trims, move the light in the direction you want it. These are very adjustable and can create layers of light or focus on one area of a room.

Light Bulbs – Different light bulbs can create different lighting effects or use different amounts of energy. You can choose from many different light bulbs in many different colors, including:

  • Incandescent- Traditional light bulbs give off more heat than light. These are more expensive to run and don’t last long.
  • Halogen- Brighter but hotter bulbs that last a little longer than incandescent.
  • CFLs – Energy efficient bulbs with tiny traces of mercury in the bulb.
  • LED – Extremely energy efficient bulbs with a lot less heat. Last years longer than traditional light bulbs.

Options Are Endless

The great thing about recessed lighting is all the options. Since recessed lights can be used just about anywhere, they make a great tool. The options of housing, trim and bulbs make these lights great in any room. You can use recessed lighting for:

  • Recessed lighting in kitchen - NipperElectricTask or Workspace lighting in Kitchens, dining rooms, offices, garages, pantries and closets.
  • Ambient lighting in living rooms, decks, patios, porches, dining rooms, hallways.
  • Decorative lighting in outdoor landscape lighting, on artwork, for architectural design, office sign lighting.
  • Background lighting in any room or space.

Recessed lights also take up a lot less space since they are installed inside windows, cabinets, and walls. Really recessed lights can go just about anywhere and do anything.

Step-by-Step Recessed Can Installation

  • 1# Design, Placement Layout and Marking your Measurements
  • 2# Check for Joists
  • 3# Cut your Holes for the Recess Cans
  • 4# Install your Recess Can Wires
  • 5# Cut the power off and Remove the Switch
  • 6# Remove the Switch Outlet Box
  • 7# Drill a hole above the Switch in the Attic
  • 8# Install your Switch Leg
  • 9# Connect the Wires to the Recess Cans
  • 10# Mount the Recess Can to the Ceiling
  • 11# Install the LED Recess Trim
  • 12# Install the Old Work Switch Box
  • 13# Install the Dimmer

Call us today @ 757-842-1710 to get started on installing your recessed lights. You can also make an appointment online. We can get your room glowing in no time.