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Energy costs are rising from day to day. Electric bills are so high that many people struggle with the cost. Plus, environmental damage and costs are always concerns responsible consumers have. There is a way to cut electricity bills and keep the environment safe. The answer is solar power. In Virginia Beach, Nipper Electric is the one place to go to for solar powered energy installations.

Though it was once thought impractical and too expensive, solar power is becoming a major part of commercial and electrical power. New technology has provided solar units that are powerful enough to make a big dent in your electrical bills.

Benefits of Solar Powered Energy


Solar power panels and installations provide many benefits to your electrical needs. Commercial and residential solar powered energy offers these benefits and more:

  • Solar power is the most abundant environmental energy source because the sun sends 10,000 times more energy than yearly energy usage.
  • After installation costs, solar power can subtract at least half of your power costs.
  • Solar power is also the cleanest of all renewable energy options.
  • Solar panels don’t need cleaning or really any maintenance.
  • Virginia offer a number of solar power incentives, including solar credits.

Within the first month of a solar panel installation, your home and your wallet will already start seeing savings.

Solar Power Panels Explained

Solar power remains a mystery for many people. So, before you choose solar power, you probably have a few questions, like:

  • How do solar power panels work?
  • How will solar panel power affect my home?
  • How does solar power affect the environment?
  • How long do solar powered panels last?
  • Do I have enough space to install solar panels?

Here are some answers to these questions and more.

Solar panels consist of light (known as photo) and electricity producing (known as voltaic) cells. These photovoltaic cells are arranged in one layer of negative semiconductors and one layer of positive semiconductors. A special type of glass protects the outer panel. The cells absorb sunlight and work together to produce Direct Current or DC power. DC power then flows into a convertor that changes the DC power to Alternate Current power or AC power. The AC power is the type of power used in your home.

VIDEO Bellow: ConvertSolar installed the solar panels to the roof but Nipper Electric connected it to the power grid and did all the main wiring.

VIDEO Above: Convert Solar and Nipper Electric work together to build the largest private solar power system in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake VA (Hampton Roads).


The convertor, sometime called an inverter, goes through a bidirectional meter to the main panel. The main panel sends power through your home. Your bidirectional meter shows the total amount of power used and subtracts the total amount of power your panels produce. When panels produce more power than is used, the meter spins backwards.

Here comes the best part. The extra power produced by panels goes to the utility company. Companies like Dominion Power will use the excess power and give power credits.  Known as net-metering, they will credit your power bill for the extra power produced.  These savings just get better. But, where do you start?


Getting Started

Solar panels obviously work best where they can gather the most sun. The Virginia Beach area solar power potential is substantial. Our sunny area can get up to 6.0 kWh/m2 per day. In other words,  we have a lot of solar energy. Nipper Electric works closely with local solar company, Convert Solar. Together, we find the best installation opportunities for your residential or commercial solar installations.

The first step is evaluating your property to find unobstructed sunlight. Panels do not have to be on rooftops to get the best light, so there are a lot of possibilities for different properties. We also work with Convert Solar to do energy efficiency evaluations to get the most benefit from your solar powered panels.

There are many different financial possibilities for those hoping to install solar panels.

  • Solar Panel Leases – You can lease your solar panel and still see a return on your investment.
  • Solar Panel Financing – Just like you might finance a home or vehicle, there are opportunities for financing your solar power panels.
  • Solar Tax Credits – The government is eager to get solar panels installed so they offer large credits to install solar panels, residential and commercial.
  • Solar Power Grants & Free Installations – Some residences and business can actually qualify for free or reduced solar panel installations.
  • Lower Solar Power Prices – As the demand for solar power rises and the technology for solar power increases, the prices of solar power installation are going down.

The best news is that after installing a solar panel, you are looking at an average panel lifespan of 30 to 40 years. Since solar panels save the average consumer around 50% off their power bill, that’s a lot of time to save a lot of money.

Start Your Solar Savings Today

Nipper Electric knows that solar power installations can be confusing.  We take our time and work closely with you to find the perfect solar power solution for your home or office. We use the best equipment, have incredible knowledge and partner with the best solar company around, Convert Solar. Call us at 757-842-1710 or schedule an appointment online. You could be saving money before you know it.