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Surge Protectors

Surge Protectors

Have you ever experienced a lightning strike on your home, or a severe power surge that has knocked out power for your building temporarily? Power surges can be dangerous in several ways, not least of which is their ability to destroy connected electrical devices that do not have proper protection. One of the most common products found in American homes and businesses today is the surge protector, a device that not only allows multiple devices to plug into a single power source more easily, but also functions as a protective circuit breaker that can prevent power surges from damaging sensitive electronics.

How Do Surge Protectors Work?

It’s not uncommon for Americans to conflate power strips and surge protectors. They look similar and offer comparable functionalities, but surge protectors actually protect the devices connected to them. A power strip is little more than an extension for a wall outlet, allowing easier connection for multiple devices. These can be good for entertainment centers and charging stations for multiple mobile devices requiring chargers. However, power strips will not protect these devices from the harmful effects of a power surge.

Surge protectors, as the name suggests, do offer protection for connected electronic devices when a power surge hits. However, not all surge protectors are created equal. Most of the conventional consumer-grade surge protectors available today measure their protection capabilities in joules. The higher the joule rating, the stronger the surge the protector can handle. However, the parts inside will wear down over time. After a surge hits, it’s a good idea to replace a surge protector that withstood the surge to ensure full protection against the next surge.

Whole-House Surge Protection from Nipper Electric

Downed power lines, faulty electrical wiring, lightning strikes, and problems with your local power company’s equipment can all potentially cause power surges and damage electronic devices. While small surge protectors in individual rooms within your home might offer decent protection against these hazards and help you preserve your electronic devices, whole-home surge protectors offer a higher level of protection against unexpected power surges.

Nipper Electric has more than 25+ years of experience providing professional electronic contracting services to the Virginia Beach community, and we know how important electronic devices are to modern life. We can install a whole-home surge protection system that offers the same functionality as typical store-bought surge protectors, but for every device in your home.

These systems are much sturdier than smaller surge protectors meant for single outlets. A whole-home surge protector system can withstand several strong surges over the course of several years. This type of system is especially valuable for households with lots of valuable electronic devices, such as high-end computers, gaming consoles, and smart entertainment devices. You can use these devices with extra confidence knowing every device in your home has surge protections, all without bulky power strip-like devices on every outlet.

Choose Nipper Electric in Virginia Beach

If you want to invest in protection for all of the electric devices in your home, you should want to invest in a trustworthy and experienced electrical contractor to install your new whole-home surge protection unit. Nipper Electric in Virginia Beach has served residential and commercial customers in the local community for more than 25+ years, and our team knows how to handle complex electrical installation jobs like whole-home surge protection systems. Contact us today by calling (757) 842-1710 and schedule surge protector installation service from one of our experienced electricians in Virginia Beach.

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