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Track Lighting

Track Lighting

Track lighting is new again. No longer just a lighting choice for artwork and displays, track lighting is a great choice for lighting design. It can add a whole new level of sophistication to your home. Nipper Electric can help you install beautiful track lighting that will complement your personal style while creating incredible lighting options, like:

  • Warm Wall lighting
  • Task Lighting Over Workspaces
  • Sculpture-like Lighting Fixtures
  • Contemporary or Traditional Styles of Light
  • Adjustable
  • Space Saving
  • Outdoor or Indoor Lights Available

Track lighting can be used in multiple designs and comes with many versatile options. Before you begin choosing your track lighting, we’ve come up with a few facts and design tips for you to consider.

Track Lighting Explained

Track lighting is a lighting fixture with multiple lights placed on one track. Electricity courses through the track and powers each light head on the track. The light heads on the track are often adjustable and each can be pointed in different directions. Track lighting is very similar to recessed lighting. Both light rooms in similar ways and have a ton of options. The difference is how each is installed and displayed in a room.

While recessed lighting must be installed on ceiling joists, track lighting can be installed on existing electrical boxes or with manual plugs. Also, recessed lighting is hidden inside but track lighting is displayed outside of walls and ceilings. Track lighting is a more convenient, decorative and often less expensive option with the similar results to recessed lighting. Both can be used for task lighting, focused lighting, ambient lighting, outdoor landscape lighting and indoor display lighting, plus many other uses. A trusted electrician like Nipper Electric can help you choose which method and option works best for your home or office.

Dream Designs

One of the great things about track lighting is how many incredible design options are available. Track lighting fixtures used to be straight tracks with lights attached. New technology has made it possible for track lights to come in every different style imaginable. Nipper Electric has an expert team of skilled electricians to help you with all the options in track lighting. You can use track pendant lighting, track lights with shades, beautiful curving chrome lights, lights that have moving arms. The possibilities are truly endless for track lighting fixtures. Plus, like recess lighting, the lighting options are endless.

Place track Lighting along narrow rooms or hallways to display artwork.
Install track lighting for your kitchen. Curved and U-shaped installations can help you light the entire kitchen in all the right spaces.
Adding track lighting to closets and pantries focuses light on the places you need to see.
Use track lighting in places that don’t have the ceiling space needed for recessed lighting and enjoy the same results.
Using track lighting adds light in a room without making extreme changes.
Track Lighting placed outside can show off various landscape designs at the same time.

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