USB Receptacle Installation

Professional USB Receptacle Installations in Virginia Beach

usb receptacle with coverFrom cell phones to tablets, to laptops, technology is everywhere. In fact, most homes have multiple devices per family member, clogging up outlets and charging areas. USB receptacle installations could be the quick and easy solution to your device charging problems. For over 19 years, Nipper Electric has been providing trusted electrical installations in Virginia Beach. We deliver dependable work and up to date tech solutions for your or office, including:

Let us help you make your home or office efficient and comfortable with a quick and easy USB Receptacle Installation.

How Do USB Receptacles Work?

A USB receptacle or outlet combines your regular outlet with a USB charging port. The USB offers both charging potential and data sharing potential in a small space. USB cables run on DC electrical currents so they are more efficient for charging.

GFCI-replacement - NipperElectricStay Safe

Replacing or installing a receptacle is a dangerous and difficult job that should be left to trusted professional electricians. Nipper Electric has licensed and insured electricians in Virginia Beach to quickly and safely install your USB outlet.

Benefits of USB Receptacles

There are many benefits to installing a USB receptacle in your home or office. Here are just a few:

  • Cut Clutter- USB receptacles take up no extra space and provide quick energy. They’re great for kitchens, living rooms, studies, conference rooms, and offices.
  • Convenient and Compatible- USBs are convenient because they care both power and data. They are also highly compatible amongst many different devices, so you won’t have to go searching for different cables or plugs.
  • Efficient- USB receptacles are highly efficient and have stronger charging power. Plus, since they run a DC current, they work better with solar power energy.
  • Prepared for New Tech- USB cords and receptacles are now able to carry larger loads of energy than before. There are already appliances and devices that use USBs for energy. Imagine being able to use a USB to plug your Smart TV into power supply and data. Streaming would be ultra fast and efficient.
  • Durable- USB port adapters are easily broken or lost. A USB Receptacle is much more durable and can last for years. So these receptacles are not only long-lasting, they’ll save you money you would have to spend replacing port adapters.

Quick and Dependable USB Receptacle Installations

usb receptacleInstalling a USB outlet provides extra space and convenience for your home or office. Nipper Electric delivers trusted electrical installations in the Virginia Beach area. We offer clear-cut pricing and special discounts to help you stay within your budget. Remember, no job is too big or too small for our experts, we do it all.

If you have more questions about USB receptacle installations for your home or office, call us today at 757-842-1710 or make an appointment online. Our quick, courteous, and experienced electricians will have your home or office clutter-free and running smoother than ever before.