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Wiring Updates

Wiring Updates

Electrical wiring in residential and commercial properties eventually wears out, and as electrical components deteriorate, the risk of electrical fires, electrocution injuries, and property damage increases. One of the first parts of any structure’s electrical system to experience wear-and-tear is the wiring. Most electrical wires feature sturdy casing, but eventually repeated use will degrade them to the point of failure.

If you recently purchased an older property or have started noticing more tripped breakers and other electrical issues in your home or business property, it is probably a good idea to schedule a wiring update from a reliable and experienced electrician as soon as possible. Identifying wiring issues as early as possible helps to reduce the chances of experiencing an electrical fire or worse. Old wiring may seem fine at first, but more often than not these systems have serious electrical vulnerabilities and one sudden change can cause a seriously dangerous problem.

What Is a Wiring Update?

The United States is home to a wide variety of different houses, and the Virginia area is one of the oldest in the country. It’s not uncommon to pass through a neighborhood and see homes from each of the last ten decades on the same street. As time has gone on, residential electrical wiring practices and materials have evolved. In the 1930s, homes received power through knob and tube systems. In the 1940s, nonmetallic wiring became the standard. In the 1960s and 1970s, residential electrical wiring adopted aluminum wire, and all of these wiring types are now considered hazardous.

If you own an older property in the Virginia Beach area, you might need a wiring update to get the building fully up to code and prevent electrical hazards like fires and electrocutions. It’s also possible for = older properties to have ungrounded outlets or low amperage that’s insufficient for powering all of the electronic devices and appliances we use daily. A professional electrician like the ones you can work with at Nipper Electric can help you identify these issues and determine the best solutions to your property’s electrical wiring problems.

A wiring update ensures the wiring in your home or business property not only meets all applicable safety standards but also provides the performance you need for work, entertainment, and your daily business operations in a commercial property.

Why Hire Nipper Electric for a Wiring Update?

Any type of wiring update work on your property is a significant investment. If you’re going to invest in this type of work, you should expect the best possible results. This is why you need to choose an experienced electrician that knows how to identify electrical safety issues in your property and rewire it safely and efficiently.

Nipper Electric has cultivated a solid reputation in Virginia Beach as the area’s leading choice in electrical contractors. Our team has the experience and skills to handle all types of rewiring jobs, from single-family residential properties to large commercial buildings. When we accept a wiring update job for a customer, we take time to explain every part of the process and keep the customer informed about how we do the job so they can have peace of mind.

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If you know your property needs a wiring update, it’s essential to schedule one with a reliable electrician as soon as possible. Call Nipper Electric today at (757) 842-1710 to schedule a wiring update with our team.

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