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Residential Solar Installation Chesapeake

Solar panels are one of the most popular forms of green energy today. They save you money, too. When you have these highly-efficient solar panels installed on your Chesapeake home, you gain peace of mind knowing you are taking steps to protect the environment while reducing your monthly bills.

How Does a Home Get Energy From Solar Panels?

You probably know that solar energy comes from the sun, but how does it become electricity that you can use at home? Taking power from the sun for home use begins with installing solar panels at your home. Once they are installed and operational, the panels absorb light energy from the sun and make it into direct current (DC). The system then sends the DC through an inverter. This component is part of your system that takes the DC and makes it into alternating current (AC). Your home uses AC to operate all of its electrical features like electric heat, lights, and appliances. One of the best features of modern solar energy systems is called net metering. This means that your system works together with your traditional energy company by sending the extra energy you produce back into the electric grid and crediting it to you for times that you need more than you are producing.

Will the Savings Outweigh the Cost?

There are various ways to save with a solar energy system. To start, you will be eligible for state incentives and a federal tax credit when you have solar panels installed. The federal credit is 26% of your installation cost, so you quickly see savings on your initial investment. If you generate enough power with your system for all of your needs, you can benefit greatly from net metering credits. Even if you are not making a profit this way, though, you will save each month on your electric bill since you are making part of your energy at home.

Are There Other Benefits to Solar Systems?

When you install solar panels on your home, there are several ways you will benefit in addition to your energy savings. These systems have improved in many ways over the years, but some of the most significant changes include:

  • One of the biggest drawbacks to solar panels in the past was that they weren’t very attractive. The solar panels of today, however, are low-profile and much less noticeable than those of the past. Most homes require fewer panels today, as well, due to increased efficiency.
  • Structural integrity. The technology of solar panels isn’t the only improvement that has been made. They are also much stronger today than they were at one time, and they stand up to harsh weather elements while producing your home with greater energy.
  • Return on investment. One of the reasons homeowners opt for solar energy is that solar panels add to the home’s property value. Installing a product that adds value to your home and pays for itself in energy savings is a win-win.

How Can You Get Solar Panels Installed?

To find out more about saving money on your electricity costs at your Chesapeake home with a solar energy system, Contact Nipper Electric today. Our expert staff will be able to answer your questions and schedule an appointment for an estimate on your home installation.

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