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Commercial Solar Installation Norfolk

If you have been considering getting solar panels installed at your Norfolk commercial building, but didn’t know if it would be worth it, now is the time to act. Businesses across the country are saving money by having these reliable systems installed. Whether you have a large operation or a small business, you can see an increase in your revenues by using solar energy to supplement your electrical service.

What Are the Options for Solar Panel Installation?

Among the many benefits of solar energy systems is the versatility in installation of the solar panels. If you operate a business that has a small roof, or one that is not conducive to panel installation, you may opt to have the panels installed on the land you own around your building or on top of a carport over your parking area.

  • Ground-mounted systems. If you can’t install solar panels on your roof, ground-mounting may be an ideal option. Many businesses own acreage around their building, and this provides a great place for installation. When you mount your panels on the ground, you are able to choose an area that provides the best efficiency for your system, and they are easy to get to for maintenance.
  • Parking area solutions. Another possibility to consider if you can’t place your solar panels on the roof is building a carport over your parking lot and placing the solar panels on top. This option is attractive to many business owners because they benefit from a parking area protected from the sun and harsh weather elements on top of a great spot to collect solar energy.
  • Rooftop Installation. Typically, the first choice for installing solar panels is on the roof of a building. If you are worried about the effect this will have on your appearance, rest assured that modern solar panels are low-profile and blend in well.

How Does Solar Energy Help Your Business?

Anything that can help your business make more money is a tool to help you grow. Companies have started to realize that modern solar energy systems are a great money saving option.

  • Create Electricity at Your Commercial Location

The most attractive benefit of commercial solar panels is that businesses get an automatic return on their investment in the form of energy savings. When you produce your own electricity on-site, you save on your utility overhead expenses. Solar panel installation will pay for itself in the money you save.

  • Save on Taxes

When you install a solar system to produce green energy, the federal government offers a tax cut of 26% of the installation cost. On top of that, there are government grants available for green energy use, and states offer their own tax credits and incentives that could pay for 15%-20% of the installation.

When you are looking for options to cut costs at your Norfolk business location, you should consider installing a solar energy system. Contact Nipper Electric will be glad to walk you through the entire process and help you improve your bottom line.

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