Is Your Old Wiring Creating a Fire Hazard?

Many businesses are based in historic buildings or older buildings that were designed and constructed over 20 years ago. While these buildings are beautiful, they often have wiring issues that put them at risk for electrical fires. Nipper Electric works to keep homes and businesses in the Virginia Beach area safe.

How To Protect Your Company’s Data from Power Surges

In today’s fast pace world, an electrical power surge can drastically affect your company’s productivity and customer service or, even worse, cripple your data communications and networks. Nipper Electric knows how important your technology and data are to your company. We provide multiple services that will help protect your company from unpredictable power surges.

Your Electrical Panel a Fire Hazard?

Everyone wants their home or office to be safe and welcoming. However, outdated or faulty equipment can put you and your loved ones at great risk for electrical fires. One of the most common issues are outdated or recalled electrical panels.

Five Things to Check When Your Electric Bill Goes Sky High

Since people are home more often during winter, electrical bills are normally more expensive in this season. However, sometimes you’ll notice an electrical bill that is unusually high. When you see an unusually expensive electrical bill, particularly in winter, there may be other issues. From overloaded panels to damaged meter boxes, a professional electrician can… Read more »

How to Avoid Electrical Dangers During Winter Storms

Winter is here and with it comes winter storms that can wreak havoc on your home or business. Nipper Electric, professional electricians right here in Virginia Beach, wants to keep you safe this winter. From electrical issues to power outages to wiring problems, we provide fast and dependable work for the entire Virginia Beach area…. Read more »