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Commercial Solar Installation Virginia Beach

Have you thought about installing solar panels at your Virginia Beach business but wondered if the payoff would be worth the investment? If that is the case, now is the time to lay your fears to rest. Start saving money like so many other businesses around the country are doing by investing in solar installation for your business. No matter how large or small your operation is, you will see the positive effects of solar energy on your bottom line.

How Can You Install Solar Panels at Your Business?

One of the great things about commercial solar panel installation is that you have several options for the panels’ placement. Many businesses have a small rooftop or one that is not ideal for installing solar panels. However, most of these businesses do have a large parking lot or sit on acres of land that can be used to harness solar energy.

  • Use on carports. If your physical business location is not conducive to placing solar panels on the roof, your parking lot is another great option. Building a carport over your parking area and installing solar panels on top not only provides an ideal spot for solar energy collection, but it also offers your employees and customers a parking lot that is shielded from the elements and bright sun. It’s a win-win!
  • Ground-mount panels. If you can’t put the panels on the roof, you still have options. Another great option for solar panel installation is a ground-mount system, which works well if you have a lot of land around your business. You get the benefit of choosing the area where the panels will be most efficient, and they are also in a place that is easy to access for maintenance purposes.
  • Rooftop solar power. The traditional place for solar panel installation on homes and businesses alike is on the roof. Modern solar panels typically offer a low-profile, sleek design that doesn’t affect the aesthetics of your commercial building.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Energy for Your Business?

Many companies have discovered the advances that have been made in solar power in recent years and realized that this is a viable energy source that can help them make more money.

  • Make Your Own Electricity

The greatest benefit of solar energy is the return on investment you get by producing your own electricity to keep your operations running. One of the highest business overhead costs is the electric bill. When you install solar panels, they pay for themselves in savings many times over.

  • Federal Tax Credits

Installing solar panels at your commercial business may open up the opportunity for government grants for green energy. This is bolstered by federal tax credits that may pay for 26% of your solar panel system and state incentives and tax credits that could cover 15%-20% of the system.

If you are looking to save money on energy overhead costs at your Virginia Beach commercial location, solar panel installation is a perfect way to make that happen. Contact Nipper Electric today to find out how we can help your business earn more revenue.

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